Rocky my Equicizer provides another valuable lesson for my equestrian students! The lesson presented here was taped for the students benefit. By using some bright colored tape, i was able to show her how...

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Comment by Frankie & the Equicizer on January 9, 2010 at 10:32am
Brilliant Ruth! This works so great, yay Rocky! So many people do not realise that with out proper alighnment that their weight is not even in their seatbones.. With jockeys, since they ride out of the saddle, they need to distribute their weight in the stirrups evenly so the weight is even in the tree of that saddle.. you know what works for using the Equicizer telling if they are even and balanced in the stirrups??, take off the girth LOL!! You have to see how balanced they become lol. Anyway, very cool video Ruth, Bravo! Bravo!! Your Sudents are the luckiest riders on earth!!!

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