Hi, Has anyone found a natural bug spray that works for mosquitos as well as biting flies?
How much DEET can you use on a horse? They seem to sell it in the U.K. for horses, but not in Canada. Thanks!

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Hi! Try the bug spray from Omega Alpha or from Cavalor. I found both are working well and are natural...
I use the Marigold spray for my mare and myself! It's natural, and smells great!
you can pick it up at greenhawk usually. it seems to be working very well so far.
I can't honestly say I've had any luck with natural products at all - including the Marigold.

It seems like different populations of bugs respond to different products.
Not sure about the DEET, but there's a bug spray that I'm pretty sure is all natural (haven't seen it that recently) and has avocado in it. It seems to keep the bugs away! I saw it a while ago at my local tack shop, but haven't really looked again. It also makes the horses smell nice and shine.
DEET is a carcinogenic poison and I would not use it on ANY LIVING BEING...especially not my horses or children.

I've also used that Marigold spray and it works okay, but personally I prefer Farnam's Repel-X.


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