I have a 5 yr old mare who is just starting back after 6 months off from injury. She is still very green and just learning the basics. When i put my leg on and ask her to go forward in the trot and canter, if she is distracted, she will buck, as she would rather be watching her surroundings. What do i do?

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Hi Janet, first make sure the horse is free from injury , and that the equipment fits,[both saddle and bridle]. Three things the horse must do in hand and under saddle, stop ,go and yeild, train these to a basic attempt.I quote" The Go response [ leads basically from forward lead-rein pressure] , maintain pressure until onset of response, then release ; reinforse lead pressure with whip -tap on shoulder; or lead pressure sideways for difficult horses. If rushes ,bucks,rears ,pushes or bites, immediately stop and make the horse step back. The Stop response [ stops\ slows basically to lead pressure] ,pressure, vibrate or tug with increasing intensity until the onset of stop ,then release. " Quoted from Horse Training The McLean Way. The best thing you can do is find a copy of this book, I sure you would be able to get on .It's by Dr Andrew McLean published in Australia by Australian Equine Behaviour centre. website www.aebc.com.au . I'm a 100% sure you will find some answers there . Good luck ,Geoffrey
Thanks Geoffrey for you reply. I have done a lot of ground work with help from a great horse communicator; along the lines of what you have described. She is now great in hand! All tack fits well and she is sound. I will check out the website you suggested and see what i can find out.


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