Do you have a great horse photo that you would like Barnmice to use, as the photo to replace the current silhouette when someone doesn't add their own profile picture?

If so, please leave your name below and I'll go to your page to check out the photo.

We will be rotating photos every now and then, and will try to include everyone's suggestions.


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if you like any of the pictures on my page...go right ahead.
Hi Everyone,

Although, I can not answer everyone individually, I am keeping track of all posts and will definitely include the photos of everyone who generously allows me to do so! :) I am rotating photos every two to three weeks.

Thanks very much!
Yea there is a photo of my chestnut filly you could use. Or any of the pics that i have taken.
I have a great picture of my colt Perfect resting in the round pen.

How about using my photo - I'd love to see it everywhere.
I know its not a Horse, but if I had one then, then it would have been. If you know what I mean.
This one is great!!!
Hi, you're more than welcome to use any pics of Monty and/or me. There's some great ones of him looking very grumpy! I've attached one of them.

Also a lovely one of him in silhouette in the mist in the field las year.

Feel free to use any of them!

here is my swedish warmblood colt at 1 yr -


hi Barnmmice,
if ur still looking for a good pic to use here is 1.
OK, you asked for it ...

Or ...

Over the rump of my grullo gelding... on a beautiful sunny day!


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