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Have any of you used geotextile grids, or fabric or the more expensive cube-like grids for parking areas and for grassy roads or the expensive, clip-together squares? I am trying to decide what products to purchase for new paddocks, for parking areas and for the wet bottom of the jack's pasture which has drainage through it that can only be partly redirected.

The prices range wildy.

Reading about the industrial uses it seems the geotextiles will be very helpful, but I would very much like to hear from someone who has experience with one or more of the products.

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Quick prevention for 1100 pound beavers eating rails or edges of shelters. If your horse is chewing any unprotected wooden edges and you do not yet have metal strips, the very solid type, with a ninety degree bend with screw holes to protect the wood, then wire or screw t-posts along the edges. (These are the 5 to 7 foot long posts one puts insulators on for semi-permanent electric fenced areas). Don't ever use thin metal such as drywall corners, as the horses will pull it up into razor-like strips as they chew it and then cut themselves badly on the edges.


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