Which series did you cherish?

I read them all! But lately I laughed when I came across the Saddle Club on discovery kids on comcast tv. I had no idea they made it into a series.

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I loved all of the books from my chilhood but one stands out from all the others " Silver Snaffels" the mostest book ever
I also agree with Silver Snaffles...one of the greatest horsey books! I also enjoyed the Five Circles...what an amazing book taken from the horses point of view! Thats a book that everyone needs to read...even as an adult!
I also had all of the Saddle Club books...classics...
I read all of them! I loooved Thoroughbred, Saddle Club and Riding Academy. I also read The Black Stallion series, Pony Tails and Pony Pals. All so good! :)
Black Beauty was my first, and will remain my favourite, but I also cherished a series about a girl called Jinny and her spirited arabian mare Shanti, written by Patricia Leitch:
I also read all the horse series books. have you read any of the Canterwoodcrest books by Jessica Burkhart??It is a fun and exciting series Book 4 just came out.The author just visited Angelea from HorseGirlTv and will be on one of her internet segments.
It was Marguerite Henry and Walter Farley for me. King of the Wind was probably my favourite.
I loved Beverly Cleary books... not horse books, but I read all of them... :)
I always loved the Heartland series, and they made a t.v. series out of that too! :D I have read some Phantom Stallion also, but I only liked those books for their cover art. : P


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