My 6 year old gelding, in otherwise good health, has started coughing during exercise. He has often done this right at the beginning of trotting, but recently he is coughing at the trot and canter throughout the ride. I have heard people use ZEV for this. Any ideas or recommendations?

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Hi Jen ,if your horse is coughing this much all the time ,I'd be getting a vet to check him over. Do you wet his feed down, is it very dusty in his yard, does his breathing sound normal at rest?
Thanks Geoffrey. I did talk to my vet today and she recommended trying a cough supplement first and see if that helps. If not she will come out and we will look at steroids to help out. He seems fine at rest. He is out 24/7 with a walk-in stall and is on pasture, so dust shouldn't be a big deal. I am guessing it is allergy related, as he often has a runny eye at this time of year. My vet did say there are grasses/weeds that can trigger breathing problems. I bought some Zev and am on my way to the barn to give him his first dose. Fingers crossed!


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