Could this girth be used for jumping? it's a size 44

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I really would not use that particular girth.  Check it real good, if there are any cracks in the leather, even tiny ones, it will irritate the horse's skin and may break.  Girths, like stirrup leathers and billet straps, are pieces of tack that should be replaced when they show cracks or little tears in the leather.  Jumping puts extra strain on the girth. 

A 44" girth won't fit most decent sized horses.  In fact it will be too small for a large pony with a well sprung barrel.  For example, I ride three small horses, the 14.1 Arab mare takes a 48" girth, the 14.3 Arab gelding takes a 46" girth, and the 14.0 Arab Welsh mare takes a 46" girth.  The last time I used a 44" girth it was when the Arab gelding got real thin, just for a week or two, then he regained his weight and I had to go up to the 46" girth.

It would be better to get a decent synthetic girth that fit your horse.

I will buy used saddles, used bridles, used bits and used stirrup irons (after I've checked them out).  I do not trust used leather girths or stirrup leathers though, especially for jumping.

There are no cracks in it and I also have a size 48" but i went to go and tighten it on my horse the black one the buckle piece broke off.

I am very glad the buckle did not break off while you were riding.  It has never happened to me, but I have read tales of the sudden unexpected falls that occur when the girth breaks.

Do not compromise on girth safety!!!!!

If that girth fits I would consider using a fleece sleeve on it.  You won't be able to use a fleece sleeve if the girth barely fits (too short), though.

she wears a size 32 to a 36

that's what the owner says anyways

If she is that small then the fleece cover won't take up too much space. 

It is better not to have the girth buckles up too high, I like them to be on the third to fifth hole up from the bottom.  Since the girth loosens during the ride I still have a hole or two that I can tighten it.  When I jumped decades ago we routinely tightened the girth after the first few minutes of riding.  If the girth is up to the sixth and seventh hole from the bottom there really is not much room to tighten it comfortably.

You just told me your horse is fat.  As you ride her she should slim down some, and maybe she will also need a shorter girth! 

she hasn't been ridin in 4 years


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