What kinds of music do you listen to while you ride? How does music affect your ride, if at all?
I love listening to light classical music. My horse likes it too and is always very relaxed while it's on in the arena!

I prefer no music in the barn - just conversation and horses munching on hay.

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I really enjoy riding with my ipod on...I enjoy listeneing to Michael Buble and light music. I find that music keeps me stimulated and motivated. All the farms around here are not very busy, so its usually alone time in the barn!!! Music as company is nice. I find most speakers in the arena are very distorted so I stick to ear phones. I too don't like music in the barn.
I love music, and I wish I could ride to it more often, however there's no sound system in the arena and I forget to set up the boom box, so mostly I ride to the rhythm of my horse's hoof beats. If I do ride to music, lately it's been to Jesse Cook ... love the latin beat and guitar riffs. Bear seems to like it too. In the barn, I prefer silence. To me the barn is a peaceful place and any kind of heavy music there I find to be disturbing ... but that's just me. I love to hear my horse happily munching on his carrots, or hay or stud muffin, and to hear his breathing and snorts and squeals of pleasure at the impending arrival of a pile of carrots in his bucket. This is his song to me ... and it is music to my ears. :-)
I love to listen to music when I ride. My horses like a variety of music and each one performs his or her best when I play what they enjoy. Music in the barn is not necessary,but is sometimes nice.
I'm the only one in my barn who dislikes country. My ride CD is a mix of dance, rock and a little bit of techno cause the beats are great!! It's mostly high energy music with a good amount of variety. It gets me pumped to work and my horses too. I've had to burn the CD for quite a few friends, even some who don't ride!! It's also great for running or regular cardio workout!!
Oh man! I never thought I'd meet another horsey person who doesn't like country music!
I pretty much never ride in an arena, but if I did, I would listen to music all the time while riding. My horses like music, often I go sit in the pasture with my acoustic guitar and play a bit. I'd try to mix it up, maybe a little rock, some classical. I imagine that Electric Light Orchestra would be ultimate to ride to =)
My first horse was neutral about the radio, but when a friend came out one day with his acoustic guitar Hat Tricks just stood there, with his ears pointed, enjoying the music and being a little disapponted when it ended. But the radio? Not even an ear flick.
I do not like music in the barn. Fortunately where I ride the husband of the owner likes classic rock so it is bearable. I do not like country music that much. I HATE it when someone brings a loud boom box to the barn, and I do not think the horses like really loud music in the barn. And talk radio? Please do not play talk radio in the barn. It is very irritating.
I've got dozens of tapes that I made many years ago. Metronomed. They are Great to ride to. Wide variety, from bluegrass, to marches and classical.
What is metronomed? I recently I purchased Riding with Soul cd's, this structured music does help with my rhythm, however I would be interested in music specific to gaits as you mentioned.
How do you like the cd's you purchased Wilson. I was just on the web site, looks interesting.
Hi Wilson! Ruth Hogan Poulsen here... thanks for purchasing the Riding With Soul CD's... you said above that you would be interested in music specific to gaits... the music on the RWS CDs has walk trot and canter music on each CD... I tell you before each selection whether you will be riding to W/T or Canter... The music is made to match each of the gaits. ( I think that is what she meant by Metronomed.) That would be putting a metronome on with a piece of music to see what the BPM is for that song. I have already done that for you on Riding With Soul. Each selection will be in an appropriate BPM for the gait the song is meant to be ridden to! Have Fun!

Again, thanks for the purchase, and let me know if i can answer any other questions for you or you want to give me feedback!!

Ah Ruth i am so enjoying these cds I love the format and your voice over is so appropriate...as I am probably the worlds most un rhythmic person. I was looking to expand my library of music to utilize music from the 50's and 60's as I am an old rock and roller!
Thanks!! should I consider on of my next cd of that genere? I will be making 3 or 4 more including Christmas music coming out in late november.... what do you think... any other music choices you you make? Ruth



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