I was wondering if anyone had any interesting flatwork exercises for a daily routine. I currently have a five year old gelding who is pursuing hunters. I find that our flatwork is not benefiting him in any way. Exercises with poles, bending, transitions, ect. would be great! If anyone knows of a website with tutorials or exercises, please supply them. 

Thanks so much,


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Hi Lexi,

We have some great blogs posted by various trainers and coaches, you might like to check them out!

Here are a few by Tim Stockdale

Flatwork Horse Riding Exercises

Flatwork for Jumping Part 1

Flatwork for Jumping Part 2: Focus on Your Canter Rhythm

Flatwork for Jumping Part 3: Starting Flying Changes

Creative Dressage Schooling by Julia Kohl has 55 exercises and variations that should help keep the boredom out of flating your horse.  I've recommended it to my friends and students to spice up their routines.  I used to sketch out a plan of what I wanted to focus on each ride with various exercises & figures to try and keep it fresh for the horse.


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