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okay so Stuart? Emma his owner dosent want him to b sold to another barn, so she walked up to me wile I was hosing him off. And said I could have him. FREE! Then, I asked my grandma who knows how much I freaking love Stuie, said no! So I do need help, how do I convince.. And how do I ask my trainer to work to pay off boarding fees! Please help!

ur S.M.H.L girl and an others
Kaitlynn, Stuart, Brandy Marie, and David!

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I was there about 20 years ago. I didn't get the horse, either time. :( If you think you can work off board, that's great. The only way to know for sure is to ask her plainly. The difficulty is in the other expenses involved in horse ownership. Farriers, vets and dentists aren't cheap, and you will need them. There's also the matter of equipment. Saddles have to be fitted and you'll need a bit (or many bits, depending on the horse), a bridle, grooming supplies, etc. Remember, there is no such thing as a free horse. That said, I sure do hope things work out for you and Stuart!
Sorry to say, my baby boy died a wile ago in a new, quite horirble stable. No Pastures or anything. His Back legs went out because he never had time to sctretch. He spooked and ran itno the woods breaking something ( ankle? ) and they put him down. I only had one picture of him and No videos. I'm going to miss him with all my Big.. Lonely heart. i Feel something is missing and that thing is him. I can tell...
so sorry to hear your lose, obviously it was not meant to be. I find free horses never are a good thing, usually because someone who cannot find the monetary funds for the necessities shouldn't have a horse (sorry to be blunt but it is the truth), to bad about his death, but atleast he is not suffering anymore. As for you this may be an oppertunity to expand your horrizons and find a new equine partner, or help out your coach until you are ready for a purchase and the dreaded horse shopping.. (believe me it seems so exciting until you realise how stressfull it is!). Good luck in the future, and always keep the memories of Stuart close to your heart.
What horrible news, I am so so sorry for your loss.... I didn't get my horse until my kid was raised... my first horse I got when I was 44.... :( everything was a no for me until then... I hope you someday realize your dream of having a horse because they are worth it.. and maybe stuart will come back to you in the form of another horse and find you... ")
Thank you both for your Kindness, Both of them as I read them I started to tear up. He was always the one that I knew I would never forget. I have some of his tail hairs and I now tie them around my wrists as bracelets as reminders of him. Thank you you don't know how much this ment to me, both of you!
I left you a huge comment on your profile page! It kind of answers the question you originally asked about your grandma saying no to a horse, and maybe it will help you in the future, maybe not. And yes being young and having a family that allows us even to be with horses is a blessing, some people never get to until they're the adult.
I am so sorry you lost your horse. This hurts, and it never stops hurting however many times you loose one.

Right now I am in a slightly similar situation. Where I ride the owner/instructor/trainer has been hinting that I could just take over on the horse I ride. Horse of my dreams, dreams that are over 40 years old.

But I have to make a choice. Yes, I could get the mare, but then the costs nowadays to PROPERLY take care of the mare are beyond my financial means. Even though I live on 10 acres and have owned horses before, if I got that mare I would immediately start living on the edge of financial disaster, the emergencies, the colics, the unexpected injuries, that is what can throw the strictest budget off on to its rear! Not only that, I also could not afford my riding lessons, with an instructor that took me DECADES to find.

Treasure your memories of your first horse. If you are truly a horsewoman you WILL end up owning another horse (or lots of horses) the rest of your life, all that takes is a lot of determination, persistence, and hard work. You may not get the horse you want now, but you have the chance to use that money to get GOOD lessons at a GOOD stable and learn the things that will make your relationship with your next horse (however many years it takes) much, much better.


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