I have a a horse that keeps wanting to bit and kick when i go to saddle her and i dont know how to get her to stop she rides great out on trails but when the saddle gets any where near her she freaks we got her last summer and thought she mught just get over it but she doesnt seem to be and ive used other saddles on her and still she does it if someone knows how to fix this could you please tell me im at a loss i have had horses my hole life and ive been ridding my hole life and ive been training horses and i cant seem to win this horse over she just acts like she wants to kill me. PLEASE HELP

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I think pain is the issue.

You might find the information you need at http://thecorrector.net/id21.html.  The whole site is interesting, this is just one page, and it is on how to find out if you horse's back is sore.  Many of your horse's actions are described. 

I have been using the Corrector for years now, both I and my riding teachers like it, and the horses relax their backs when I use it.  I like it especially because I have poor balance from MS and it seems to protect the horse's backs from my sometimes extremely unsteady seat. 

How does she act when you ride her bareback?

Please, be careful.  Horses in pain are unpredictable.

Look into natural training, specifically Parelli. They teach body blocking. Also have you ever let her explore her tack?
Good luck!


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