Ok, so I would really appreciate it if anyone who has wrangler jeans would help me out a bit here. At the moment, it seems Wrangler Jeans have become a kind of dress code at my stable, my instructor highly reccomends I get some, and they look awesome so i really do want some.

Unfortunately, I'm in Ottawa and the closest place I can get them is Kemptville, and I don't even know where in Kempville, she just said the place, not the store or anything. So I'm currently looking online. And they have so many kinds and so many sizes and I have no idea what kind or size to get, so my questions are...

Are they being generous when they say their size. Does 15 mean 14 or 13? or does 15 mean 16? I'm generally a 16 (but that's in junior clothes, not in adult womens, would there be very much variation?)

Do they stretch at all, are they preshrunk?

I'm buying them for riding, and i want them to be long, with a little bit of give, and a cut that will go over my boot and not ride up my leg. Is there any specific type I should get that are particularily durable?

Any other important information you have about wrangler jeans, please share! Thanks so much!

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I love my Wranglers - they fit me well and are quite comfortable. I do find that they are generous in their sizing, as I tend to take one size smaller than usual in Wranglers, especially their riding jeans (I have both the Q-Baby and the Jet jeans). I have heard others say the same thing about their sizing. The riding jeans do have nice stretch and less bulky seams so they are more comfy for riding than most jeans, but they are also a bit less durable than the regular Wranglers (they are also a lighter weight denim).

I tend to keep my riding jeans for riding, and for going out (they do look great). For day to day stuff around the barn where my jeans get more 'abuse', I tend to go for the styles that use heavier denim. Wrangler does make a variety of sizes, lengths and rises... and in a variety of weights of denim... so it is best to try them on and see what you like. The annoying thing is trying to find what you want, especially in Canada. When I do find what I want, I tend to buy a few pairs. ;)

I have found that the shrinkage that occurs in the wash tends to be of the sort that stretches back out once you wear the jeans (at least with the styles that I have). I do often hang my riding jeans to dry as it does make them last longer... but I generally throw my regular jeans in the dryer and so far I haven't had any problems.
Thanks so much, this really helped!
check out rods.com they carry all kinds of jeans. I do like wranglers the best...they go over the boot nicely. I'm 5'8 and I get the "tall" or long otherwise they aren't quite long enough.


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