A couple of us are curious about how many guys there are on here and what riding discipline they are interested in. How would you like to participate in a men only group on Barn Mice?
Especially in the various "English" disciplines, it's easy to feel like the only one.

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I'm one!
Albeit a green one - I have been pulled (a few times literally) into horses by my girlfriend, and I am now taking lessons and thinking about what I want in a horse of my own. I'm riding English, working towards dressage. I am also interested in combined driving. Is anyone else finding it frustrating trying to find English riding apparel for men?

I would be interested in joining a horsemen's group.
Great. Now we are three. Maybe we can get this going.
Yes, buying English riding attire for guys is challenging - perhaps because there are fewer of us. Manufacturers make fewer and retailers stock only what they think they will sell.
I also get tired of being assumed to be the father, husband, boyfriend of the rider. No, it's me, I'm the rider.
I don't know much about combined driving other than what I've seen online, but I love dressage. I had some training in dressage years ago, and had a little coaching more recently. Last Fall, I was an observer at an excellent clinic with Selena O'Hanlon, from the Canadian Olympic Team, and I attend as many Quinte St. Lawrence Branch of Cadora competitions as I can. Luckily for me, a lot of the shows happen at barns that are only 10-15 minutes away from my house.
The Group is now up and running - Men Riding English. Please join.
Hi guys,hope you don't mind a female butting in! I have a 15yr son who rides English and he certainly feels like he's on his own at times.Saying this he also loves beating those girls.I can relate to the apparel problem.Shayle is a size 14 riding boot and is over 6ft tall. I have to order specifically for him and most of his riding gear is imported from Australia.In NZ many equestrian suppliers don't stock mens clothing. How sad is that!!
Its the same problem all over, Leah. If they stock men's gear, they have one pair of breeches, one jacket, etc. If you don't happen to get to the store when the stock comes in, it's gone. For a person of your son's size, it must be even more difficult. And he's only 15. What's going to happen when he's 30 - made to order everything?
I would suspect that your situation is similar to ours in Canada - too small a market to get really good deal, though I'm fortunate to live 15 minutes from the best tack shop in this area and they are really good about ordering and holding things for me.
No problem with a "female butting in". We actually have one woman member now and would be happy to have you as well, and/or Shayle.
It's exactly Shayle's sense of being on his own that this group was formed to counter balance.
We've all been there and some of us still feel the same way to some extent, no matter how much we enjoy our women riding buddies.
Lol, you guys are definitely outnumbered, but if you search members under Geoffrey, John, Kevin...you'll find some very active members!
Thanks for the lol comment. It made me chuckle, and for the advisory.
When I saw I had a reply from Admin, I thought maybe I was about to be chastised for discrimination, or something. Maybe I'm just over-sensitive after a career of (mostly) working with women.
friend told me to put this on here but he gets all his riding apparel from greenhawk.. www.Greenhawk.com for decent priced.
I have been able to get short boots (paddock boots and Blundstones) at Greenhawk, but that's it. The only items of men's apparel that I have ever seen there have been a few pairs of men's breeches (one style only, but a couple of pairs of it), and the occasional polo shirt.

Granted, my girlfriend does like the fact that we have to search for stuff for me, because it gives her an excuse to check out every tack shop that we encounter. ;)
I have found that Apple Saddlery has a decent selection of men's apparel. I was able to find tall Mountain Horse boots there. The only problem is that I had to get 2 sizes to long in order to get them wide enough. They also have some men's breeches.
Hey ho , a mens group!! Deffinatly a minority, Isn't it great though to be surrounded by all these stunning woman all the time lol
Absolutely. I've been surrounded by stunning women all my life. You should check me out on Facebook and see who my friends are there.
John Freeman (so you can look me up).


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