I am really into natural horsemanship stuff, but the problem is I just don't know how to start. I can't ride because I just got my plaster off from breaking my wrist from my horse buckin me off. So what is the first thing I should do on the ground. I might have to wait for a while because of my wrist. Could you please give me some idea's ?????????

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I look forward to others responses and I'm very sorry your horse bucked you off..... :) I think I do natural horsemanship but actually nothing we do to horses in natural for them.... :) my favorite trainers to learn this stuff and maybe you could watch videos or learn about the trainers are Chris Irwin, Pony Boy Gawani, Chris Cox, John Lyons... :) The Parelli's.... but my horses are my best teachers and what works for each of them... I don't ride much at all and do most of my stuff on the ground..... for right now, have him follow you..... :)
I am on the same delightful journey ... learning to understand horse psychology and body language. It's addictive!!
Chris Irwin has tons of free videos online - fascinating stuff. And I am following Laura Hunter's blog whom I met here on Barnmice. Her website is www.ridewithconfidence.ca . She has lots of references listed, and has written some very helpful articles. Enjoy the journey!!
It's kinda hard to say where to start for natural horsemanship. In my opinion the very first thing to work on is your relationship/partnership with your horse. In the Parelli program (which I'm the most familiar with) they'd suggest you spend some time with your horse. They have people just 'be' with their horse, sit in their pasture, paddock, or stall. Just being with them, don't touch them or talk to them. If they come to you and want to smell and touch you allow them to do that. About 20/30 minutes should do. Just this little procedure can be pretty surprising and eye opening. I know some people that go sit in the pasture with their horses and drink their morning coffee or read a book. They learn alot. WARNING! If u r in a confined area DO NOT STARE at your horse. Just watch them a little with a soft eye, and then just be there. If you keep too close a look on them they can get the feeling you are being like a prey animal and it can scare them and cause them to go into a defense mode. When I first did this, I didn't see the part about not staring and my normally sweet young gelding charged me. I jumped up and yelled firmly at him and he did stop but I could see a look in his eyes that let me know I was scaring him into a protection mode. Now I still spend bonding time with him just sitting and watching him eat which is great for my soul.
The next thing the Parelli's would have you do is learn the seven games. Get them used to the first game which is the "Friendly Game" With that you take a stick/wand/dressagewhip/carrot-stick and get them used to you touching them all over their body with it. Just a light gentle rub about the same as you would do if u were petting them but the stick gives u a longer reach so u can do it from a safe distance if they decide to kick.
Once nice thing about Chris Irwin is that he has some videos available to watch free on line. I THINK they are on horses.com but not sure about that.
Another great place to get free ideas is to go to UTube and watch videos of people working on the Parelli 7 games. They will have oodles of examples there of how to do the 7 games which are a very basic but helpful way to get started with a good communication. When you complete those you will know how to get your horse to cooperate with backing, coming to you, move left & right hiney and left & right front with touching and not touching, how to side pass and how to do a squeeze game between two objects.
It's so cool to see your relationship grow and see your horse start to know what you are going to ask before you even ask. This program has helped me build a relationship with my horse that I love and never imagined how wonderful it could be. Starting from doing these little things, he will now circle me without a round pen or lead rope, at the walk, trot, and canter and change direction with no lead rope and then do all the transitions in the opposite direction as I ask. It is so much fun to have them do this cause they like playing/working with you rather then making them do things.
Another big thing is to put off a good energy that you like being and doing with your horse. Don't drag along and don't act all hyper, you have to find a balance with your horse. Dragging can bore them and too much can overwhelm them. You need somwhere in the middle where they can "learn'
Have lotsa fun!
Hi, just wanted to pass on a little info. You can find the free Chris Irwin videos at


Enjoy :)
Thank you so much everyone :) you have helped me heaps and have given me great ideas. I am really excited to try them out.

Thanx again :)
Can you describe your horse/human relationship when u r on the ground?
Shirley's advice is really good... you know something? I have a professional trainer who rides my horse for me.... but he literally tells me that he hasn't seen two horses really have true affection for their person like mine do for me... and that was just me accidentally flubbing around practicing for five years to learn how to communicate with them..... to me, that is what it's all about, whatever they call it..... whoever the trainer is..... whatever method is being taught, and there are so many... and what energy is being used.... :) please just go slow, and stay safe.... and enjoy if you can...... and let us know if you need anymore help... I believe that this journey is very individual... and I'm excited for you that you and your horse are on to better communication.... :)
Thanx for your comment Jennifer :) I promise you all that I will go slow and I think I will ask questions cause I love learning about horses. Thanx :) :)
It means alot to me :)
Oh, you are very welcome..... I've enjoyed your thread and intend to follow along and see how you guys are doing... :) Did you decide where to start? Cuz I will tell you what my trainer would do, but only if you want me to... I've gotten alot of advice over the years, some of which I wasn't ready for at the time..... so this is your ride, let's see what you think you should do first and I'd love to chat about it.... :)

I would love to hear what your trainer would do :)
I have decided that I would just hang out with her first and spend some time with her and do some little bits of natural horsemanship.

Thanx have a great day :)
Hi Krystal, What are you going to do with your horse today?


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