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Well, my ride was pretty good. I seem to be recovering from the flu finally, I actually had enough energy to trot several times. Unfortunately Mia had learned to switch feed buckets with another horse, and got the wrong supplements, so the stable is going to mix some sweet feed (what Mia wants) with the Equine Senior (what Mia needs) and get her back on her supplements (hemp powder & MSM). This should help the stiffness I felt today. Next ride should be better! But even with the stiffness Mia is SO MUCH BETTER than when I started riding her about a year ago, she rarely bobs her head at a trot now while at the beginning I felt like I had a see-saw in front of me.
what mixture is the hemp powder and msm in????? my horse Toby might like that. :) he's a little stiffy...
I get them seperately, the hemp powder at the health food store (look in the protein supplement section) and the MSM at the feed store. There is a scoop usually in the hemp powder, we use 1 scoop a day. Same for the MSM only it is a much smaller scoop.
you're almost a regular doctor girl!! thanks... :) Toby says thank you too.
I rode my gelding bareback today. He was amazing good. He wasn't rode yesterday and then in all day today, riding bareback sounded like suicide, but he was amazing!
I'm so proud of how well he's been doing.
It sounds like your gelding really likes hunt seat and jumping. Good work there.
thats awesome to hear holly :) sounds like bud is doing very well :) i should come ride him bareback.,. that would be fun lol
Yes you should:) He's doing sooo well, i rode him bareback last night as well. I've been working with him everyday, i'm taking him to the DSC show this weekend, not sure if im going to actually show but we'll see.
He's also spending the whole winter at Abizack Stables so i can keep up with riding.
I have a 4 year old mustang... and no saddle. I am going to ride him bareback first. I think it's important to ride your own horse bareback. for me... it's mostly about trust and I want to try it... and I think he'll like it too.. then I can learn to ride from my instructor.... and really get Oliver's feel and get my balance.. then when he's a little older, and I'm sure he's full grown, and I get some money, I will get a saddle... then a trailer, LOL.. I cannot wait to be brave enough and strong enough to post what you did Holly.. "I rode my gelding bareback today... He was amazing good... " wow, like it was just an every day thing. how nice... :) I'm on it....
Bareback is absolutely amazing. My gelding behaves so much better when I ride bareback, he hates saddles!
When i ride bareback I also use a bitless bridle or halter which makes him behave even more.
Bareback helps so much with your balance too, I'm hoping to be able to start jumping bareback.

I've been working in my jumping saddle for the past couple of days, trying to generate some more free forward movement outside the confines of dressage. It's really working. Today we even popped over a few small jumps, just for fun. :-) It was a gorgeous day for a ride and both Bear and I finished happy. He loves to jump and I'm glad I was in the frame of mind to give him that gift today. :-)
Grrr... I want to ride! It won't stop raining!! My boarding stable doesn't have a covered arena. My trainer has a covered arena, but she got hit with a flash flood. :( I've been spending my days out of the saddle looking for my own property on high ground and posting on Barnmice. :)


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