Hello.  We are looking to add a second horse to our family.  15.2-16hands, preferably draft x;  needs to be beginner-safe to hack and well-broke to drive single and double.  Doesn't need to be terribly flashy or show quality, just sound and sane.  Needs to be ok turned out with a mare.  No standardbreds please - will be hitched with my Clyde x mare eventually, and the movement is just too different.

Thanks for reading.

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Hi Jennifer, I don't have a horse in mind, but I love the title of your post! With so many women as members here, I'm not sure Barnmice is the best place to advertise for a Hubby! ;)
LOL. Ok, so maybe I didn't phrase that right. A horse for my hubby to ride, and me to drive. :-) Or, if he thinks I'm advertising for a new hubby, it will keep my current one on his toes. ;-)
Hi, we have a quarter horse - was registered as Mister Pole Bar (but we don't have the papers) - gelding about 15.2-15.3hh. he is about 11 and was lent to some new riders for the summer. neither of the kids (7 and 14 had ever even brushed a horse and it went really well). reference available.

he is currently out with 2 qh mares and a clyde gelding (and he is low man of the herd). he is an easy keeper, and also drives single. i have not driven much, so he is a bit out of practice. he is road safe and hasn't spooked on us in the 3 years we have had him.

he has one issue, he does not trailer without being drugged, then rested on the trailer until he is ok. once you are moving he has no problems. this was due to a past owner who severely beat him a number of times when he was being loaded.

We are located 1/2 hour east of Ottawa. if interested I can send you some pictures. We are asking $2,500 for him, to a good forever home, since we already have two riding horses and although I am retired riding 3 horses regularly is difficult for me.

you can also call me at 613-443-0503.
Thanks, Janice, he sounds lovely but we'd be a good 6 hour haul away. Also, I often trailer to my friend's place to go out hacking, so he might not be best suited given the amount of trailering I tend to do. I'm sorry someone was so cruel to him - poor boy! I hope you find an excellent home for him.



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