I saw someone post yesterday that they were using an ice vest because of the heat.  They weren't around in my day.  Does anyone know if Tackeria carries them in Wellington, FL?  Any other suggestions as to where to find one?  I would like to convert it to a cool coat for my show dogs.





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Do a search for "cooling ice vests" and several companies come up.  I did not check for ice vests for dogs, but I imagine they are around for rescue dogs.  Good luck in your search! 

My ice vest really helps me bear the heat.  Now I wish there was a portable de-humidifier so I could breath dry air while riding!  That would really help me too. 

Thanks Jackie.  I'll give it a whirl and call Tony at Tackeria.  The "Kool Coats" currently out on the market for show dogs just don't cut it.  They dry in 2 minutes and you have to keep soaking them in ice water.  It's a hassle.  Converting an ice vest might be the ticket if it isn't too heavy...


You could try carrying a portable oxygen tank - now that would be interesting - NOT!  LOL



I got my cool-medic vest on Amazon for 1/2 price. Most the listings were full price. I received mine a few days ago and haven't needed it yet but it was in a new sealed package so I think it is fine. There is blankets available made out of the same cooling fabric, maybe that would work for you to cut to fit better then the human vests?
Thanks Shirley.  I didn't even know Amazon carried stuff like that.  We have an acct. with them - best part is it's on my husband's cc.  LOL


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