Time for a little silly reflection ... My horse reminds me of the Canadian actor, Jim Carrey, because of his comic sensibilities, his expressive facial contortions and how pleasing he is to the eye (mine, at least). Does your horse remind you of anyone in particular?

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Cassidy is AnGelina Jolie
Ferdinand is Brad Pitt
and theyre baby (silver) is Shilo
Umm, Brad Pitt!
My horse reminds me of Kevin Costner. He is darn good lookin, pretty smart to figure things out, knows how to work around situations, and has courage to try something new. Makes me want to watch silverado or open range all over again! Can't get enough of him!
Mine is Matt Damon only in character as Good Will Hunting - highly intelligent but totally his own worst enemy and in need of a hell of a lot of therapy! Ha ha!


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