Time for a little silly reflection ... My horse reminds me of the Canadian actor, Jim Carrey, because of his comic sensibilities, his expressive facial contortions and how pleasing he is to the eye (mine, at least). Does your horse remind you of anyone in particular?

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Hmm....my mare would have to be a female villain because she can be such a B sometimes. Not to me or other humans but she does cop an serious attitude sometimes. What's a good female villain?
Cat woman?
aka Michelle Pfeiffer
Possibly. All the geldings at the barn do really like her and she is very catty.....
hmmm He makes naughty and crabby faces when he's in the cross-ties, but then is so happy and agreeable in his work. I need suggestions!
Sean Penn, perhaps .... or maybe Colin Ferrell ... you know, the "bad boys" of Hollywood -- brilliant on the screen but a little troubled behind the scenes ... ;-)
Funny you should say Sean Penn! That's the first name that came to mind, except that as soon as I take my horse off the cross ties, he is happy again (and no longer defending himself).
What about Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino. That might fit! Crusty at first glance, but a big heart underneath!
Oh yes, well ... there's always room for Clint!!! Haven't seen that movie but hear it's a doozy.
Mine would definitely be a comedian. I think Jim Carrey as well since he does some very interesting facial expressions and is certainly a character.
Oh my Abu is totally Liberace!! He is the girliest gelding ever, he is more Diva than most mares dream of being!!
Probably Vivien Leigh....a "Gone with the Wind" type of girl. Very pretty and silly sometimes. Smart and cagy when needed. Strong and loyal or needy and demure (bat those beautiful eyes!). Enchanting regardless of what she does :)

the first horse i ever rode was a little welsh called silver. i'd never been near a horse in my life, i didnt know how to ride and she stopped in the middle of someones driveway.while a car was pulling out. she also bitthe bum of a standardbred i was riding once called spud. hes a pacer and has never galloped in his life but she bit him hard, and he took off like a speeding bullet! i think she'd be wee man. the midget comedian whos pretty tough!


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