Time for a little silly reflection ... My horse reminds me of the Canadian actor, Jim Carrey, because of his comic sensibilities, his expressive facial contortions and how pleasing he is to the eye (mine, at least). Does your horse remind you of anyone in particular?

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Tom Selleck....tall, dark, good-looking, intelligent, athletic, born to the West.....(sigh)....
Toby is Jack Nicholson and Oliver is Ashton Kutcher:)
The horse I'm currently riding ....... definitely Liam Neeson!!
He's tall, ruggedly handsome ... has a Good deep voice (when he calls to me I could swear it's an Irish accent )
... and he has GREAT Legs!! ..so I'm certain he'd look Sexy in a Kilt!!
~ Barby ;-)
My gelding is Gary Bussey without a doubt. He's a little out of his gourd and loves to show off his teeth.
Maybe Barbara Hershey, my bay Quarter mare, Maggie, is a real earth mama, at peace with herself and the world. Plus she has that beautiful dark mane and tail. Barbara was in one of my very favorite films," Last of the Dogmen," which made me want to pick her, also.
Hi Marti!! I am so glad you are here...... :)
Barbara Hershey is real pretty too.
Without a doubt, Angelina Jolie. Beautiful, curvy with strong independant attitude. She does things her way but will work with you as long a you recoginize her for the star that she is.
Ummm.. well my horse would be Will Farrell because he is such a goofy spaz! LOL
Things are getting a little heavy in the discussion forum. Thought I would resurrect this topic. I still think my horse resembles Jim Carrey in personality, but now I'm beginning to suspect that he's more Cary Grant in style. He likes to look well dressed ... ;-)
Oliver is Ashton Kutcher.
Toby is Jack Nicholson


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