Yesterday I got the following message from Chris Irwin:


Hello All,


Please take a moment to view the two attached links regarding the travesty that happened last weekend at the Festival of the Horse in England when Pat Parelli attempted to resolve a problem with the horse Catwalk, owned and ridden by British show jumping icon Robert Whitaker.  And please post on as many networking websites as possible.  For my Dutch friends, please post this on Bokt.nl.  For everyone else, please help stir this pot.  Enough is enough!!


The first link illustrates the outrage that so many people feel after witnessing the shameful event.  




The second link is to a very provocative video blog response to the sham by Canadian horseman Chris Irwin.  






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Very well said indeed!.
If you want to read a super blog about training vs showmanship, check out William Micklem's post this week about Monty Roberts.
Ayesha when ou mentioned him picking the calmest horse to do this "rehearsal" did you not listen to what he said? I am sure he mentioned something about this horse that she was unruly in some aspects, and so to SHOW you what he can do to a horse he showed the after product of calm and willingness. I am not saying he isn't there for personal gain (because he is), I'm not saying it wasn't rehearsed, but what I am saying is that think about why he used the horse he did. And so far he has got what he wants, people to spread his name out, and in my honest opinion, hi using this marketing technique was good, and thats what it is. He wants the horses to come to him not parelli, and in a 100% my vote he si doing the job, then we can all be thankfull of his marketting technique because horses are going to Irwin, not parelli.


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