Hey lately I have been trying really hard to do lead changes on my appaloosa Jazz, but I just cannot figure out how to, my trainer explains everything but I just cant get it through my head, any tips?

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I need some tips too!
well we should try to find some tips together on the internet!
Haha ok I also have a article from Horse Illustarted on them
What issue is the lead change article in?
did you try putting poles on the diagonals and asking for lead chnges over them??? that's how i taught my pony to do them!!
well right now he does these weird lead changes where his front two legs will change but his hinds wont, i know how to cue for a change, but im not sure if i am doing the correct thing?
Sharper leg aids, not hard but strong and fast... also you may be slower brining the inside leg @ the start back so tht needs to be fastr..
thank you so much i hope it works!
Maybe if you understand the mechanics of a lead change a little better you might be able to put things together.

Flying changes are a Lateral, much like sidepasses, leg yields and hip arounds.
More specifically, Swaps are the same type of lateral as a half pass. Bend to the inside, lateral motion to the inside.
Another thing... a horse picks up the lope out of the trot w/ his hindend first. Hence a lead change has to come from the hindend first.
Yeah, they can do it from the front to the back, but that will usually involve two lope strides. A correct swap is on one jump, hindend first and the front end goes w/ it.

The reason your horse won't swap on the back is cause he can't move his hind end laterally at your command.
Work on the laterals, specifically, get him to move his hind laterally, and you should have better luck.
very nice description. Thanks for the link.
THANK YOU Sic2!!! My sentiments exactly!!! But as soon as I pipe up about this, folks think I'm trying to tell them the sky is falling.


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