In this season of giving, please consider the charities below.

If you run a charity, please feel free to include details about it and a link to your website in the reply box.

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The Equine Foundation of Canada is the first charitable organization devoted to equines to be registered by Revenue Canada. It was registered February 1, 1983 by the founder George Wade of Kentville, Nova Scotia. 

The purpose of the Foundation is to aid in the health and welfare of the horse with its programs being unbiased as to the breed of horse or area of the country.

It is a Registered Charity with all donations being tax deductible and an official receipt is issued to the donor. The fundraising is carried out by dedicated volunteers across Canada and 100% of the donations are used to maintain the organization and maintain the various programs.

The programs of the Equine Foundation at this time mainly involve providing funding to the five Canadian veterinarian universities which are:

  • The Western College of Veterinary Medicine, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • The Equine Research Centre, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario

  • The University of Montreal Veterinary College, St. Hyacinthe, Quebec

  • The Atlantic University Veterinary College, Charlottetown, P.E.I.

  • University of Calgary Veterinary Medicine, Calgary, Alberta


Brennan Equine Welfare Fund is a fund-raising, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Grants from The Brennan Equine Welfare Fund are used to serve equine rescue shelters across the country (USA)which provide dignity to final years of aged, injured, abused, starved and slaughter-bound horses, as well as those used in medical experimentation. This fund supports registered, 501(c)(3) organizations that specialize in retirement and rehabilitation services and offer a peaceful and permanent sanctuary for these beautiful animals. Shelters which offer carefully scrutinized adoption or re-placement services are also supported.

98% of your donations go directly to the horses in the form of grants that help with horse sponsorship, veterinary and farrier expenses, supplies, hay and grain, and other projects and operating expenses.

Please visit to see examples of what your support can do for Equines In Need.

Need You Now Equines takes horses (that appear sound/sane) that are in the feedlots in Quebec waiting to be "processed". 

We are a volunteer group based in the Ottawa and surrounding area that receives no funding.  Horses are purchased directly from the feedlot and then go onto their new homes.  Some of these horses are registered and come with papers.  Some are former school/camp horses that have been shipped due to bankrupcy or business closure.  There is a huge variety of horses available (from heavy crosses down to ponies) to every imaginable breed. 

Time is of the essence in finding these animals homes - they have already been through the auctions, etc. and this is their "final stop" before being "processed". 

To see what animals are available and to learn more about the group please visit:!...


We are in the process of forming a "wish list" of needed items - blankets, de-wormers etc.


In some special cases, we purchase horses and keep them at farms until a home can be found.  To offset the costs of care, hay etc. there is a charge of $5 per day.  Should you wish to donate to offset these costs please contact us via Facebook.


Hal a OTT STB inspired me to work with this group.  He was deemed to be processed before Xmas.  He is a 15.3 former race horse.  We hope to be able to have Hal as a riding horse and possible dressage horse. 

Celine Hutchison

Volunteer, Need You Now Equines

(Owner, Forest Lane Horse Farm)



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