Hullo theree,

I'm kinda new at english riding and the barn manager has asked me to ride one of her horses. He is a very well-trained Arabian CWB cross gelding. He is kinda green. People have been telling me that I'm not experienced enough to ride him, but other people are telling me that we're a good match. I dont know who to listen to, and its effecting my confidence. I love riding him, but, i dont want to ruin him.

There is two videos of my riding him on youtube, under Coppersides Rebel, and Coppersides Rebel 2.

Please help me!!!

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if the barn manager didnt think you could do it and were good for the horse as a pair then she wouldnt have asked you...

have faith in yourself mate...
It is perfectly valid to ride a horse at a lower level than he is trained to. In fact it gives the horse some relief from pressure, lets him relax, and wind down mentally, IF YOU DO NOT ABUSE HIS MOUTH. (I am not saying you are, I haven't seen the videos, please don't misunderstand me.)
If the horse willingly stretches his head forward to take contact you and he are probably fine. Just remember to release your hand and leg aids (apply, then immediately relax), that way he will not have anything to resist and you keep his mouth and sides responsive.
I would listen to your barn manager, it is her horse after all! If you are still worried see if you can take some lessons on him.
Are the people saying you are not experienced enough concerned about your safety or ability? If it is for your safety then I would want to know what they know (or think they know) about the risks (ie has this horse exhibited dangerous behaviour?). If it is because of your ability, I think the owner of the horse has weighed in on that and you shouldn't listen to the other people's meddling :) From what I see of the video (slow computer) you look to be a very capable rider with a good seat and quiet hands. Enjoy your ride!


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