We live in Florida and the mosquitoes are very bad this year. Does anyone know if you can put something in the horses' water buckets and horse trough in order to keep the mosquitoes from breeding there?  We dump and clean on a regular basis, but still seem to have a problem with mosquito larvae.

Thank you....

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Hi Carol & Ben, We have a problem with mossies too, so we put goldfish in the troughs. They are really good at keeping the mossie larvae and alge at bay! Cheers Geoffrey
Thanks to you both for your input. I had thought of a small amount of clorox since they recommend that if we lose water during hurricanes - pool tabs sound like a good idea. I hadn't thought of goldfish though. Would you have to feed them or would larvae and algae suffice?
No, you don't have to feed them, they do very well on whats in the troughs, ours even breed!!


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