Hi folks,

My 13 y/o gelding has suffered from skin allergies over the past 5 years. We have no idea what causes them (the vet believes he is reacting to pollen or something similar in the air). During spring/summer months, he is itchy all over, develops itchy bumps and hot spots, and breathes hard. We've tried different medications but he has either reacted to them or they hurt his stomach and put him off his feed.

My vet suggested that I look into natural remedies to add to his food to help him get some relief. I've looked online but there are SO MANY options. Has anyone had or heard of this problem? Are they any suggestions out there? I'm willing to try anything!

Much appreciated,


(I attached a photo of him, just for fun)

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Here in the South we have No See 'Um's or midges..Tiny biting spawns of Satan.  Some horses have a reaction to the bite.  Oil based sprays will coat the pores so that they cannot bite. 

I have had some success with feeding Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic(powder) and Norwegian Kelp.  This helps to boost the Immune system and makes them not taste as good to the biting insects. 

Some secondary skin conditions can occur and cause sores making riding your horse uncomfortable for.them.  B-12 will also boost the immune system and help them heal faster.  If the weather is damp or highly humid it is a garden for fungus infection.  If you suspect fungus put them up at night in a dry clean stall and turn out after the dew is off of the grass.

If you have access to a health food store you might be able to get homeopthic combitnation remedies for skin irritations.  On the bottle there will be a list of symptoms--like rash, weeping sores, skin erruptions, etc..  If you have a choice between several skin ones look for the list that sounds like your horse.  This may help.

There are also homeopathic combination remedies that help with the itches and irritations from bug bites.  Even if you can only find one for fleas try it out.  It won't hurt, and it will not interfere with medicines or cause harmful side effects. 

If you don't see a homeopathic combination remedy like these maybe you could ask the owner to look in their catalogues and order one for you.  There is at least one line of remedies developed for animals, and with these remedies if it will work on a dog or cat it will work with a horse or a human for that matter.  I've used homeopathic dog remedies myself when nothing else worked.

Good luck in finding something that works!

Thank you, ladies!

Your comments and suggestions are much appreciated. I'm going to connect with a naturalist that my friend knows and see where that takes me, and try out garlic and apple cider vinegar (easy to grab!) in the meantime. 

As a quick update, we've been treating his reaction spots with good ol' gull sauve and they are definitely healing. I've noticed him scratching and stomping, however, even when there are no bugs around. The saga continues.

Many thanks once again.


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