Hello everyone.
Can someone out there help me? I'm looking for a pony for my granddaughter. The perfect pony will be on the smaller side, any colour, any breed, boy or girl, and any age. It must also be very, very safe and healthy.
In return for light work teaching my granddaughter how to ride, it will receive lots of love and great care. I'm in the Aurora/Newmarket/Uxbridge area but will travel a reasonable distance if necessary.
Oh, I almost forgot...reasonably priced.
Thank you all for putting the word out. I'm sure there must be a sadly-outgrown pony out there somewhere just waiting for a new little girl to mother him or her.

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I called this lady and I had a lovely conversation with her. She is now breeding this wonderful breed but it'll be a few years before they become established again.
Thank you for the contact Gail.
You are welcome and I will continue to look around. You did not mention if you had caught up with Barb Weatherall. In the meantime I have a contact on EMG who seems to have a lot of contacts and is also involved with the Pony Club over here. I will get in touch with her and see what I can do. Cheers! Gail Morse.
I emailed the contact I have and she is good to reply. In the meantime, have you tried posting an ad on EMG? If you don't know what that is, it is another site for horse related conversations. Google EMG -Equine Management Group and sign up with them. There are categories for horses for sale and wanted etc. There is a lot of traffic on that site. Gail.
The woman got back to me and said you should try: www.canadianponyclub.org Gail
Hi Gail
I went to this site and looked up Central Ontario. They have a pony there but it has heaves. We already have adopted one now with heaves as we couldn't return it to the owner...he was going to put him down and we couldn't see that happen.
Our barn will be shortly filled with ponies if we keep this up. The pony we are looking for must be healthy.
Thanks for trying. I realllllllly appreciate it.
That's a good idea. Thanks
What about Barb? Did she get back to you? Gail Morse.
I can't remember if I called her or not. I thought I had found the perfect pony before I realized that his heaves were sooo... bad. I will call her, thank you for the reminder.
You are welcome. Sometimes our minds go- brain fart is the term my riding instructor when either I or the horse miss a mental beat. Just got back from 2 hours of up and down trail riding at Pleasure Valley. Wow! Bushwhacking is great!
Sounds like you had a great time. I have a friend of my daughter-in-law who wants to go trail riding. Would you recommend this for a beginner and how much do they charge?

Still no luck with the pony hunt. I've contacted just about everyone now without success. Where have all the ponies gone???? They are either under 4 years old, too green for a beginner, 10,000 show ponies. Arghhhh!!! I'm losing hope.
Have you tried POA's (Pony of the Americas)? I had one once, a 12.2 gelding I got for one of my sons (in trade) that I was able to ride enough to get him behaving. They have appy coats, and tend to be western ponies, but sometimes you have to go out of the box to find a good pony that does not cost a lot. Just be careful to look for evidence of founder, these are REALLY feed efficient ponies (I fed mine hay and ONE small handful of feed each meal just so he did not feel left out), if I had had pasture I would have had to put him on drylot most of the time! They can be just as athletic as the European breeds of ponies.
Good luck in finding the pony that will satisfy most of your desires, I think you have found out that perfect ponies are worth 1000 times their weight in platinum.
Hello Jackie,
I would welcome any breed. If the pony is sound and healthy and safe...that 's all I'm concerned about. I'm willing to pay up to $1500 and I thought I would get one for that price...I'm not looking for a show pony. One that is retired would be nice. Oh well, I'll just keep trying. I think that once summer camps etc. are over, a few more ponies might be available.
We're in the middle of a huge thunder storm here at the moment. What a summer eh?


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