Hi All!

We have so many talented people in our community, we thought it would be fun to offer some free online classes exclusively for our members! We thought we would start by offering sessions of five classes per subject.

We would love to have your feedback on the following...

Which classes would you be interested in participating in?
Learn to Draw Horses
Learn Equine Massage for your Horse
Learn Clicker Training for your Horse

Which Non Horse-related classes would you be interested in participating in?
These sessions would be joint learning classes where everyone contributes their ideas.
Summer Barbeque and Cooking
Book Club
Organic Gardening

It there another subject that you would like us to offer? Do you have a special talent or skill that you would like to teach others?

We look forward to your feedback! :)

For everyone interested in learning equine massage, we are setting up a free five-day "seminar" with Lola Michelin of Northwest Animal Massage. The seminar will likely run Monday to Friday with written notes for you to take to your barn and practice on your horse.

Here's what we need to know to get started.

1. Please sign up by leaving me a comment on my page. We will need at least 10 students.

2. Please let me know if you would prefer to have the seminar before Christmas or in January.

3. Please let me know if evenings (East coast U.S. time) would work for you.

That's it! Once we have your information, we can begin to put something together. :)

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this sounds like a great idea! would love to learn some simple equine massage for my big guy. Also like the other ideas listed, book club and gardening are great topics. Drawing horses sounds good too...not sure I have the talent required but oh well would give it a try. How about mane braiding, not just for H/J, also for mane protection, and just for the beauty of it, have seen some interesting braiding styles out there.
Hi gang,
I'd be happy to do one on Clicker Training.

Not everyone will be training a guide mini. But, we can put together some very practical classes.
Great idea! I'd be interested in clicker training.
How about one on saddle fitting?
I like all of the suggestions for the horse related classes, but another one that I would like to suggest, that I would be REALLY interested in would be on Conformation. It might be a bit difficult to cover all aspects of it in 5 lessons, but just to get a general idea of how to look at a horse and some understanding of how a horses conformation can affect it's performance etc. would be great! On the final lesson, we could submit a photo of our own horse and share what we have learned........

For the non-horse related, I would be interested in the Book Club.....but probably only if it was Equine Fiction/Non-Fiction.
A class on conformation sounds great!
conformation classes would be GREAT!
I would be interested in learning equine message
Ohhhhhhh I Love The Idea Of Online classes!!!
.... as I've commented MANY times already ...
I Can't Believe theAbsolutely Amazing Caliber of Horsemen / women in Barnmice!!
Seriously, I feel like I ought to be running all about the place with an Autograph book in hand!!!
As to “What Classes”
I’m with Desirea, I’d love to see a class on proper saddle / bridle fitting!!!
And because I’m still shopping for my next Equine partner .. the FIRST Class that came to my mind was Confirmation!! … knowing what to look for with regards to what we want our horse to do,
so I second Teresa’s suggestion on that.
Ohhh and I’d LOVE a class with regards to Equine Photography!!!

Do you suppose we could get Mr Micklem to teach a class on “Horse Shopping” ???
Who better to coach us on “looking for” and “selecting” an Olympic (or at least Star) Potential, Equine partner!!!

Ohhhhhh and what about getting L.A. Pomeroy to teach a class on "Creative Journalism" and "Marketing For Publication" ....*laughing* ... if anyone knows How ... I'm bett'n it would be Her!!!
Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Keep it coming - and I'll keep thinking!
I like the Learn to Draw Horses and The Equine massage. I know after a good day of work it would be great for my horses to get a quick massage to help them relax/
Correct longeing would be a useful topic I think.


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