Hi All!

We have so many talented people in our community, we thought it would be fun to offer some free online classes exclusively for our members! We thought we would start by offering sessions of five classes per subject.

We would love to have your feedback on the following...

Which classes would you be interested in participating in?
Learn to Draw Horses
Learn Equine Massage for your Horse
Learn Clicker Training for your Horse

Which Non Horse-related classes would you be interested in participating in?
These sessions would be joint learning classes where everyone contributes their ideas.
Summer Barbeque and Cooking
Book Club
Organic Gardening

It there another subject that you would like us to offer? Do you have a special talent or skill that you would like to teach others?

We look forward to your feedback! :)

For everyone interested in learning equine massage, we are setting up a free five-day "seminar" with Lola Michelin of Northwest Animal Massage. The seminar will likely run Monday to Friday with written notes for you to take to your barn and practice on your horse.

Here's what we need to know to get started.

1. Please sign up by leaving me a comment on my page. We will need at least 10 students.

2. Please let me know if you would prefer to have the seminar before Christmas or in January.

3. Please let me know if evenings (East coast U.S. time) would work for you.

That's it! Once we have your information, we can begin to put something together. :)

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equine massage would be cool... I think conformation education would be pretty great..something everyone should know...

Yaaaay Organic gardening, or just farming in general...
ohoh COURSE DESIGN!!!!!! With instructions on how to build simple fences!!!
this is a good one. a class of DIY cross country fence building!! :)
Here are a few that pop to mind ...

Road Safety, for riders who use public roads on horseback
"Horsey 101" some folks might have some blanks in their basic skills or knowledge and are hesitant to ask for fear of being thought ignorant or silly.
Basic First Aid, for the inevitable owies horsies always seem to collect. You could almost make a separate course just on "When to Call the Vet!"
Farriery, I've lost count of how many people have no clue as to why that horse needs to have his feet done ...
De-worming, it's far more complex now than ever, so the old adages & approaches are simply not adequate anymore; in fact many regimes are either completely ineffective, or downright dangerous.
Vaccinations, if you don;t have a vet who will take the time to explain the in's & outs, many people either fail to vaccinate properly, or over-vaccinate, thereby reducing the horses' own immune system
Anatomy for horse owners
Caring for senior or special-needs horses
Planning for rehabilitating a rescued, abused, starved horse (boy, do I wish we'd had something like this 2 & 1/2 years ago!)

I'd be happy to help out with a trailering course if you like. I have a lot of materials already prepared from clinics I've given locally over the years. Loading/unloading, hooking/unhooking, maintenance, driving tips, equipment selection ... the list is long!
Nobody has responded to this for awhile...I hope it hasn't fallen by the wayside!
I'd love online classes...about just about anything :)
But the saddle fitting, conformation, clicker training, journalism and getting stuff printed would be fascinating to me!
Oh, and I always enjoy a bookclub as well
I'm like a sponge when it comes to learning things...love it!
i would LOVEE a class about equine massage and one about the horse conformation and what to look for in a horse...that would be fantastic!!! Saddle fitting would be another great one because i think my saddle might be causing my pony some kind of tension in his backk... :(:(
great ideas!
i hope i havent missed out on this or something :S haha
Hi Guys, haven't forgotten about this, just busy collecting ideas to see which are the favorites! :)
Just curious - if you were to teach a class, how would it work practically?
Hi Hanne,
We could do it a number of ways.
1. We have a chat room that we could open up for the class and members who signed up to attend would meet there at a specific time. This would work well if we didn't need a visual. For example for book club.
2. We could hold the class at the instructor's profile page, where they would post the fist round of information, diagrams, etc. and the students would participate with questions through the page comment box, again at a specific time.
3. The instructor would do a series of videos, posting one at a time (at a given time) with students posting questions in the video comment box and the instructor answering.
4. We could create a special group where the instructor and all the students would meet at specific times for lessons. Again, all would be able to communicate in real time via the group discussions.

Why do you ask? Are you an instructor? :)
Thanks a lot, Admin, I appreciate your lovely reply!! :)

Yes, I am an instructor, mainly in the spiritual field, teaching people how to open up to their angels and facilitating healing on humans and animals (I'm a Reiki Master) and I am also an animal communicator and teach this. However, I am taking a time out teaching and working with this for the moment due to personal stuff, but I will no doubt take it up again when the time is right for me.

If I were to teach people in this field, as you suggested above, an open chat room would work for me - as it is I have taught people overseas (mainly in Australia) using online chat, although only one-on-one so far. Don't know if it is relevant to people on this forum though, but if the interest was there I might consider it. :)
I would love to learn more on confirmation of horses. I can't quite seem to grasp what it means when a horse has a straight shoulder or some other negative confirmation such as the angle of the neck from the shoulder, leg/knee confirmation issues and what are the results from these.

I can give lots of details on contracted ligaments but that is the only area where I have a bit of knowledge - oh......and very long legged horses (insert smile here).

Never have gotten a straight answer as to why some horses "Paddle" out with their feet when they trot - genetic issue, training issue, starting them too young issue????

Do we have a horse vet here as a member on barnmice?


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