I have been researching horse breeds because I am  going to be looking for a riding horse soon.  I am leaning towards the Rocky Mountain horse, partly for its good looks and temperament, but also for the smooth ride it can give.  Anyone out there with experience with this breed who would like to comment?



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Hi Cathy,
I raise walkers but I have a good friend that is on the board and very involved in the rocky mountain association, If you are interested in finding one, she would be the best person to talk to, let me know if you're still looking and I'll give her your email. I do have some experience with rocky's myself, the one i had was Choco, a 4 y/o gelding, he was the best boy and the only reason i ended up selling him was that i found the walker gait to be smoother, rocky's are just a bit closer to a saddle gait, where the walkers exceed with the run walk to cover a bit more ground. Disposition wise, both awesome. I would suggest trying a few out and see how smooth a ride you want..:) Hope this helps and let me know if I can answer any questions for yah.. :)
Hi, Michelle,

I appreciate your response very much; I love the Tennessee Walker, as well; I live in Ontario, Canada and both of these breeds are not too common here, although they are available; I am still looking and I will take your advice about trying out both breeds before I decide; I'm looking for a nice calm horse that I can take out on the trails with a nice smooth ride, so I think I'm looking in right place with these two breeds. Thanks, again.
p.s I checked out your website; beautiful! It would be great to visit some time if I get to Ohio.
Hi Cathy, thanks so much! We'd love to have you visit with us, especially this time of the year while the babies are being trained & before they go to their new homes..:) We also have a few horses you can try out & see what you think about the walker gait. I'm sure I could also arrange for you to try out my friends Rocky's that way you could compare the two..
Where are you from? I bought a going on 5 year old gelding named Choco in March down in Kentucky. Could this be the same horse? He is an absolute darling and is a beautiful chocolate with flaxen mane and tale.
Hello, I'm located on the coast of SC. My Cocoa is a mare! Sounds like you found a great horse. Don't you just love the rocky gait? Here are a few shots of Cocoa. She won the AOT Championship as a three year old at the horse park in Ky.
Hi Cathy,
I breed these wonderful horses. I have a video on this site. I just started to trick train a bit with our horses. so much fun!
It is 'Trick Training Rocky Mountain Horses" We are located in South Carolina. Please visit my website www.camelotfarmshorses.com Not all horses I have for sale are on the sales page. Just let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.


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