help!! my horse is having lots of trouble with seedy toe. not just on the white line but all over the hoof!!! he is already having trou=ble with abscesses that we think are coming from this seedy toe!!
does anyone have any tips for controlling the seedy toe??

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Hi Amy, Is you horse paddocked or stabled? How wet is the ground if he is paddocked? One of the things you can do , and all people should do this, is to keep the hoofs oiled. The oil will keep the moisture out of the hoof and this will help with the fungal infection. If he has a really bad dose , clean the hoof with a hoof knife and stiff brush. Get it really clean , then put some rubber gloves on, hold the hoof up and pour some peroxide on the soul. Now it will start to bubble, don't worry it's not doing any harm it's just cleaning the muck out. Seedy toe is really the separation of the wall, if it separates at the toe it's called seedy toe. The peroxide treatment will fix any infection but it wont address the seedy toe it's self. Get the farrier to keep them short, well, what I really mean is don't let them get long. The abscesses will only come about if the foot gets infected or is wet a lot of the time .. If the hoof is hot it is infected and will need treatment. The zone of separation is filled with dry, dead, cheesy-type of material. your farrier will probably cut this away. Gradually the defect will grow out . hope this helps Cheers Geoffrey
thnx for the help,
he is paddocked and yes the ground is very wet, we know this is the cause but the rain wont stop and we dont have stables.
We do keep the hooves short and the farrier has been helping us out, the one hoof has been damaged a lot by the abscesses, and by the farriers advice, we scrub it out daily with copper sulphate and honey. Th farrier has advised that we keedp it clean until it grows out. That particular hoof has not had any more abscesses but it has now started on ANOTHER hoof.
we do "bare foot shoeing" not sure if you have heard of that before but its the natural way of doing horses feet without shoes. This seems to be helping a bit.
I will try the peroxide, but what do you mean by ruber gloves, HUmAN RUBBER GLOVES??

if you look below at another reply i have added a photo of his abscessed hoof
Yes, the rubber gloves are for you. The wet ground isn't causing the seedy toe!! But it is causing the abcess, boy that's a big abcess!! If you are using a hoof oil , it is best to find somewhere dry to tie your horse so the feet are dry when you brush on the hoof oil. Even if it's only for a little while , the hoofs need to have some time in a dry enviroment . You'll need to oil the hoofs every day and that will create a barrier from the moisture in the ground .
thankyou again,
i will try the hoof oil and the glove

Hi Amy, you can also leave a message for Barney Cummings on his page. He is the farrier who is doing the Barnmice video series. Good luck!

What does your own farrier say?
barney chummings,

we do barefoot shoeing, if youve heard of it, any way our farrier has advised us to just keep it clean and scrub it out with copper sulphate and manuka honey to stop any other bacteria growing.
would appreciate help

this is the result of the abscesses


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