Should hi-viz be necessary for insurance purposes when riding on public roads?

As a rider who does the majority of riding on roads, I am always horrified when I see riders not wearing hi-viz, especially when there is poor visibility or in fading light. 


A hi-viz vest is a simple thing to grab when you're on your way, and regardless of how bright it is I'd always head out of the yard at the very least wearing one. If I have to ride in poorer conditions, my horse will wear a hi-viz quarter sheet also.


Whilst I was filling in a BHS survey about hacking out and hi-viz, I thought one of the questions asked should really be discussed further. Should hi-viz be required to be worn for insurance purposes when riding out on public roads, if you have a public liability policy and may need to claim?


My answer? Yes, definitely. I think it is something insurance companies should give serious consideration to, and I'm sure they will be backed by the majority of riders who hack out on roads. 


What are your thoughts?

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You have a very good point.  Sort of like putting on your helmet, put on your hi-viz vest!

I definitely agree that hi-viz should be mandatory. Like Jackie said, it's just like your helmet!


Drivers have a hard enough time figuring out how to pass horses - we might as well make things as easy as possible for them so everyone stays safe.


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