Someone made a comment to me the other day regarding the number of saddle pads I own. When I stop to think about it, I must own at least 15 different saddle pads -- two sheepskin dressage pads (one black; one white); two white dressage show pads; my baroque pad in black and gold; three other dressage pads in varying colours; and then about six pads for my flat/jumping saddle. Yup ... that's about 15 ... for one horse ... yikes! And for most of those I even have matching polo wraps! :-0

So, what about you? If saddle pads aren't your weakness, which piece of equipment in your tack collection just seems to duplicate itself beyond your comprehension? There's probably something ... ;-)

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Too many ~ but I hate them sweaty so I always have a fresh one handy. I also have too may girths, and saddles. But somehow I find a way to use them.
i own 6 pads ..... but i tend to collect brushes, i have like over 30 for 1 pony:)
I seem to have more saddle pads for my horses than I have clothes for
I only have two pads, but they are black and boring so I love to buy little blankets to put over them to adorn myself and my horse... :)
Hi Yep I own 5 saddle pads currently, and my horse isn't even broke to ride yet... (only one saddle currently-- but 2 harnesses) plus 3 back pads (harness pads)... I guess that makes 8... and when I was show ridding I had 6 saddles for 3 horses, and that meant each saddle (dressage, close contact and all purpose) had 3 pads each minimum... 2 everyday for washing purposes and 1 show pad... for a total of 54 if my quick math is right... yikes! That is a lot of pads!!!! I guess that would also make me a saddle collector??? since that was for my own compitition horses, that didn't include the ones that I trained! Yikes again... now it seems I aquire bottles of this and bottles of that... all half used... and they all end up in my basement... saves, liniments, hoof dressings... pots of poltice!!! I keep bying like I have a stable of 10 races horses again... when I only have one... I'm like a woman who's kids have all gone to school and she keeps cooking for a family of 10!!! Yikes again!
I'm glad I'm not the only one ..."If you build it, they will come" is becoming my motto ... I see more horses in your (my) future ... and salves, and saddle pads, and saddles, etc. ;-) Aren't we fortunate to enjoy such bounty? :-)
No, just one horse... my 'agreement' with my husband if we were to get another horse... cost monatary and emotionally... in the past horses were our living, so when the right price was made, offered they had to go... this time the promise was that whatever horse we got was forever... my entire family has invested so much into this horse that a second one would bankrupt us in every way... but yes I too can be given over to my own devices a horse 'collector' lol lol... we are fortunate to be able to have horses and everything that goes with them... I left for 11 years... and know the value of having a horse once again... I only thought I craved horses before I got my first one... after having then leaving... I wanted a horse and all that goes with it more than I wanted to take my next breath!!! The world of horses for those that love them is truly a wonderful world indeed! take care deb
I only have around 8 or so, but i know that i'd have a lot more if I had the funds (i'm a student) I would have a lot more!
I have so much of everything but halters is what I seem to collect.
I have about 38 halters for 9 horses.
and 20+ lead ropes.
It's a sickness, isn't it? ... ;-) I'm hoping to sell one of my dressage saddles this week, and a bridle. Three dressage saddles and three bridles for one horse is just a bit over the top ...!
Sounds very familiar. Be comforted ... you're in good company ;-)
Yes, I came down with it about the same age, I'm sure. My mother never has been able to figure out how I caught it ...


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