Does anybody know who this person is?
apparently they left a comment on my profile,
but when I try to view their page it tells me it
doesn't exist... Just wanna make sure my barnmice is
still working right...

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Hi Dori,

Still working! That was a spammer that we caught and banned.

We keep a really close eye on Barnmice, and every now and then we must ban someone from our community, which automatically deletes all of their content. This tends to happen once every three or four months, and as our community grows, we are constantly on the lookout.

We want your Barnmice experience to be very enjoyable and hate for any of our members to be inconvenienced in any way. You have given me an idea. Perhaps I'll outline our spamming policy and procedure in a future news blast!

Hope you're having a great weekend! - Barnmice Admin.
that'd be a good idea, I had the same prob, and was baffled until i found you explaining it here. Maybe also say wen a comment has been deleted rather than just leading to the homepage instead?

Hope you've had a fab day,
Oh okay makes sense. Thanks!
I had a great weekend.
Cross country jumping clinic went awesome.
Who gave the clinic, Dori? Sounds like fun, but for me the jumps would have to be one foot high!
:) Her name is Darci Ecker-Popiel
shes a really good coach.
In my opinion the jumps werent high enough lol
I don't know who this Sonya is but apparently they left a comment on my profile too and I can't find it or them.
Hey Dori, Yup I had a comment from Sonya Rodriquez as well, and as a Brand New Member here,
was politely trying to reply ... but really thinking ....what the hades??
So she was a spammer 'eh?? .. Well Done "Barnmice Admin" Great Catch 'n Save there!!
... and it's good to know (from this newby's perspective) that spammers are caught and ousted!!
I Like This Place More And More!!! :)
~ Barby


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