I'm talking a rather large stand in the horse world and bringing it to the surface of the non horse world that stares at me like I'm on crack everytime it is brought up. Rollkur. But I'm not including just Rollkur because, as I hope you all know, there are several modifications to Rollkur. Basically, it goes like this. Ask a rider to turn his/her horse into a tight circle at a walk. If you would grab your inside rein and pull your horses head around, there is a flaw in your riding. If you lift your core, apply pressure with your inside leg while "breathing" your outside leg with the rhythm of your horse's steps, maybe adding a soft half halt on the outside rein if your horse's head starts to fall out from the middle of his/her shoulders, then I will ship myself to you and personally shake your hand.


So, I'm asking for your help by using that statement to assist me in finding articles on this manner. I already have several online sources, but if anyone gets any dressage magazines or has any books on the matter, I'll love you forever.


Thank you thank you thank you.

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i recommend this excellent source of information http://www.sustainabledressage.com/
Written by a Swede who some claim coined the expression rollkur
Yeah, I have that one in my bibliography actually! It was great!

And thank you for the books! You're a savior!

I actually have a great book recommendation for you. I just reviewed it on my blog. Check it out here:


It is called "Tug of War: Classical Versus "Modern" Dressage" and is written by a vet. It takes you step by step, explaining why, physiologically, rollkur is bad. Hope this helps!
No problem, i have articles and i can even show you how to use a spreadsheet i made to compare statistics. Here is the most recent literature review, my apologies if you have already seen this paper.

also the proceedings from ISES are available with free access. http://www.equitationscience.com/aboutises.html

If you haven't already check out Science of Motion here on BM. Jean Luc Cornille has written quite a bit on the subject. I can get you more articles than this, hope these help you to get info you need.

Oh, these are awesome! Thank you all!

And to think my english teacher thought I wouldn't be able to find any articles on this. Psh, non horse people. :)

the first link now at http://edepot.wur.nl/139247

use googlescholar as well.  There are many articles (esp in german), one of the best from St Georg (or Reiter Revue) from the late 80s called 'Hand work' by Hans Meyer Zu Strohen.  That is not really rk that your are describing.....and there are multiple incantations of the torque the horse sideways laterally (to rider's toe) in order to get longitudinal over flexion.  Today they call it ldr (low/down/round), but it is based upon lateral use of bit on bars).  I have been in the 'anti-rk' ground since even before Nichole Uphoff, since it was used (primarily) by a german jump rider in the later 70s/early 80s.

The swede did NOT coin RK...that was from the above german magazine about Uphoff's actions...long before the internet articles.    I do think that the sustainable dressage is a good explanation.  As are Nancy N (Biomechanical)/Gerd and Phillippe Karl.


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