I really would like to address the video that I watched on your website.    I'm deeply disturvbed that no one thinks that this animal was all right.    I call attention to the bandage on the animal's right knee.  Also, if you watch again - you will notice that the poor animal sticks his left hind into the ground pretty hard on several occasions.  If that horse could get his head up...I think you would find that he is lame,   I do not ride reining horses.  But my ex-husband does.  So does my former brother-in law.   I have competed at the Congress and the World here in the U.S.  I have two World Championship titles in All Age Jumping ( from eons ago I admit)   I have WATCHED a lot of reining horses go.  There is absolutely nothing acceptable about what is going on in that video.   That  rider should have been reprimanded, and suspended from competition for what he was doing.



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Ms. Tymann:

I am glad you posted.

However, the problem lays in the laps of USEF and FEI.

They publically claim to stand by the abuse rule...when if fact they ignore it when convienent.  The only way to end abuse of the competitive horse is to bring about a Federal court action in which USEF and FEI must be held accountable for their refusal to enforce the protection of the horse.

Article 142 - Abuse of Horses

1. No person may abuse a Horse during an Event or at any other time. "Abuse" means an action or omission which causes or is likely to cause pain or unnecessary discomfort to a Horse,


I know,  I have had Judges say to me "we can't judge what doesn't come to the ring.  If everyone follows the trends of the day - then that is what we have to choose from."  Sadly this issue is cropping up in all disciplines.  Dressage has Rollker,  the jumpers have tack poles. Saddle seat. Well lets' not go there.  Whenever the horse ceases to become the primary concern in any of these endeavors and becomes a vehicle for a riders success, then I think we are guilty of having strayed off the path of good Horsemanship.

It all goes back to the judges.  The judges now seem to reward incorrect riding the most.  And the showing associations encourage this in all fields of horsemanship.

We need a new "Black Beauty".  THAT book changed a whole abusive culture of horsemanship (the worship of the bearing rein.)  It just took a while for the message to get through.


hmmm,  I'm writing a book.  I doubt that this book will impact the future of Horsemastership.  We have so many well meaning groups who advocate for the animals welfare, some are understaffed or under funded, or  misguided .  We need to look to the sanctioning bodies in these disciplines to step up.  But where to start?   Any ideas??

There is an underlying culture that needs to be changed.  The owners, professional trainers, riding instructors, professional competitors, amateur competitors and judges have left the practices of good horsemanship in order to put on/have an exciting competition.  As long as the old cavalrymen lived they provided an example of good horsemanship, and more important they taught the code of good horsemanship.

The competitors say that they have to do these truly awful things to their horses or the judges won't even look at them.  The judges complain that they can only judge the horsemanship that is presented to them.  The owners demand blue ribbons by any means necessary.  Some professional trainer or rider comes up with an abusive technique that is rewarded in the show ring by judges who do not know good horsemanship.  Then EVERYONE latches on to this technique saying--it gets blue ribbons!, and soon EVERYBODY (except for us  few horsemen/women who practice "good horsemanship) insists that this is the only way to go because it creates excitement, and therefore paying audiences who wouldn't know good horsemanship if they ever saw it, except to say how utterly boring.

As I said, it is cultural, spread through every level of horsemanship, every discipline, almost every competition, and on and on and on.

I hope this helps. 

How can anyone be bored watching a horses show?  We have a 'golf Channel' on our cable package!  how is that not boring?


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