This Criminal Abuse is Disgusting - WARNING: Grapic Photo

This story shows the depths to which some people will sink. I look forward to the day these criminals are caught.

From Barnmice news

Animal control officials announced that a US$7500 reward has been offered for anyone who comes forward with information about the identity
of the person responsible for leaving a starving horse on a street in
South Gate, a community south-east of downtown Los Angeles.

The horse was in appalling condition and obviously had not received
adequate nutrition for quite some time. Neighbors found her in the
morning just lying in the street and reported the crime to the South
East Area Animal Control Authority of Downey. Kind samaritans brought
her some hay and an apple so at least she received some gestures of
kindness before she was released from her suffering.

The reward was donated by Minnesota Vikings football player, Jared
Allen, and Denise White who is a sports manager. Their contributions
were added to an earlier donation by the HSUS. Both Mr. Allen and Ms.
White were deeply affected by the story and pictures of the horse. 

The South East Area Animal Control Authority investigators are following up on leads and will again canvass the area where the horse was left to
die, passing out flyers stating the updated reward amount. Anyone with
information on this crime is asked to contact SEAACA at (562) 803-3301
        (562) 803-3301    or at Identities of whistleblowers are confidential.

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That is horrific! I would like the owners to be STARVED and abused too! Sorry to be so brutal, but that's what's going on in my head right now.
Terribly sad, heart breaking. At least in the US they have real animal welfare laws where people can go to jail for up to 7 years; in Canada nothing is ever done. There is a good chance they will be caught, this picture is all over the net.
I understand what you are saying. I have had no success dealing with the ASPCA. The owner of 4 horses and innumerable other animals not far from my house, suffocated 3 of her dogs by leaving them in her solarium in the heat of this summer. I have been pushing the ASPCA to do something but I am getting the run around. I have called my MPP about my dissatisfaction with the ASPCA and their response was to call the police. I have the impression that the ASPCA is about appearances and little else.
With regards to the US, there is no doubt that in many instances the response to cruelty is the luck of the draw, but at least they do have laws that meet out reasonable penalties. Without consequences cruelty will continue unabatted.
The picture of the mare left to die on the road is on fugly horse and many other sites; with a reward of $7500 I think there is a good chance the perpetrators will be caught and I hope they will go to jail. It just breaks my heart.
Was there nothing anyone could have done? or was he too far starved?...:( We rescued a horse who was in similar shape a few years ago and hemade a full recovery. Weight gain was slow but his will to survive was incredible.
and yet- looking at her feet--- they seem recently shod- and in fair condition. amazing and disgusting!!!
I noticed that too. I hope to god that they weren't riding her like that :(


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