How do you know the trainer/mentor is right for you and your horse? Who is your favorite and why?

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he has no concept of money this boy of mine.... let's see, 4 years of training, at $ ca-ching a month, the best hay I can find, his own private yard with just uncle Toby, and all this for a free horse, a rescue no less.... what a crack up..... The experience of owning a wild horse and never traveling, spending all your money on stuff for him... and still, it is one of the most exhilirating experiences of my life... but no, he has no idea how to use a checkbook... he would put it in his mouth and shake it around.... and somehow rip it to shreds......
I train with Louisa Hill she is great and we also get along well and in a few weeks of lessons twice a week my horse is going fab again (Had all winter and hakf of last summer of because he was lame) we went from jumping round the arena bucking to doing shoulder in traver and leg yielding and him going lovely in just three weeks and only 2-3lessons a week. I enjoy watching everyone teach because you can learn so much.
Hmm.. Well I have three trainers at the barn I go to... One is the barn owner, the other is my first trainer and the third is some dutch man. All three have completely different views on how to ride haha.
I take many different approaches and I use the riding techniques depending on who i'm training with at the time. But when I'm alone and training by myself, my body adjusts to it's own style that suits me and my horses that are all three styles of my trainers combined. It's fun. =)

As for a mentor I'd like to meet.... the wonderful Linda Kohanov. I read her book like a bible and take everything she says seriously because that's how my approach works too. <3 I want to go to one of her clinics. =(
Oh yay, it would be great to spend some time with Linda K.
I got forward motion from both of my horses this weekend!! Thanks Chris Irwin!! I am doing the inhand series... I am sticking with it and not moving on at the moment. Chris is my favorite trainer because he has a professor mentality.. :) I am so thankful I found the videos.... Jen
Good work Jennifer! Please keep telling us about your results with Chris Irwin's methods. I am thinking of getting his videos next year, but want to be sure they are worth while.
I have some DVD's of Chris's that I'll be selling soon,
Why are you selling? Which ones? How much do you want for them?
Jackie take my word for it they are worthwhile. Sell everything you own in order to get them. You will not regret it.

I have been fortunate to train with Chris and he has worked personally with my horse. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Jenn, which of his videos do you have?
Hey girls...... I would be more than happy to pay for videos of Chris' and I really enjoyed his book, but every day I take a class on Stateline Tack. Their website has videos.... I think he is a master at helping me speak correctly to my mustang. Oliver is so easily upset.... and I have done so much work on myself..... but every day I learn that there is something more I can do to show him that I am not a rude human.... I know that I defend myself against him and I have every since he was young.... by letting myself soften, Oliver softens.... this morning I was playing with him, or working with him, by being really nice..... and watching him start to yawn.. and my other horse came over too... usually they avoid me.... I appreciate Chris teaching me horse. :)
So this morning I watched stall manners and then I caught Oliver and then we did our walking around together and practicing like in hand stuff...... we are trying to dance.... I had the best day ever and I even broke a sweat!! :) thanks Chris.


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