Nevermind the technical inconsistancies ... just share with everyone the horse movie that pulls at your heart strings every time you see it. For me it's Seabiscuit -- although I am also a huge fan of The Black Stallion. That 20-minute segment of Alec and The Black getting to know each other and playing on the beach is so beautiful and atmospheric it totally absorbs me.

What about you?

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For me, it's the Horse Whisperer because it shows how horses need humans to heal, and humans can heal from horse's helping them along the way!!
Yes, that is a good one. I also feel that Seabiscuit accomplishes this, but in a different way.

Dreamer is another one of those "human heals horse heals human" stories. I love those!!!
Man From Snowy River and Return to Snowy River.
I like 'Dreamer' It is such a sweet story line!
I have to say Black Beauty. It's something I watched over and over again when I was little and now I'm filled with great memories every time I see it. I still cry every time I watch it. I haven't seen a lot of the older ones (I'm too young for them). But Seabiscuit is pretty good, too. Some scenes I'd rather not watch but overall it's amazing.

I must admit that I give in to my guilty pleasure ever once in a while. I watch Flicka every once in a while and other childrens' horse movies. They're so sweet! Even though I'm too "old" for that!
Hmmm ... when are you ever too old?!!! I'm 40 (plus another number ... ;-) )
Black Beauty.
Hidalgo is a close second.
Also, the Lord of the Rings has a lot of horsey scenes in it, even if it isn't really a horse movie per se.
Oh, and the Miracle of the White Stallions. Gotta love Lippizaners.
I love The Horsemasters by Disney
Is that the one with incredibly fake horses in several of the scenes? I think I saw it about 20 years ago.
Pharlap comes to mind, followed by Black Beauty.
Into the West!
Horse in the Grey Flannel Suit
Miracle of the White Stallions
Sylvester is a great movie (although pretty unrealistic). International Velvet is also a favourite, and the horse in Dances with Wolves almost makes it a "horsey" movie ... why are there so few to choose from? Hollywood has a huge untapped market in horse movies!


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