I'm just wondering what interesting non-horsey books people are reading in their "spare" time. I'm working my way through "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle, for the second time. I love this book and highly recommend it. What are you reading, or have you read, that you'd recommend?

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I just started reading "Revolutionary Road" by Richard Yates. It's been made into a movie recently staring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, which I haven't seen yet but heard it was great. So far the book is fantastic and I'm only on chapter 3! I like to read the books before going to see the movies to be able to make it my own, instead of seeing the content through someone else's eyes. And nine out of ten times, I always like the book better!!
Just finished White Tiger. IT was excellent. I also really love historical adventure books! Two of my favorites - Three Musketeers and the Scarlet Pimpernel, which is an incredible love story disguised as an adventure book!
I'm part way through 'A Women In Charge' by Carl Bernstein. It's a biography of Hillary Clinton. It's quite interesting actually. For me as a women who is trying to move my way up in a male dominated industry, it's quite empowering to see how other powerful women have made their rise.
As usual, I have more than one book on the go ... today I started reading "The Cellist of Sarajevo" by Canadian author, Stephen Galloway. My mother gave it to me because I'm off to Sarajevo for a few days next week and she thought I might like to get a little background on a city that was once under siege.So far it's pretty riveting stuff -- totally fictitious but set during the war that occured there in the early '90s. It's a "Heather's Pick" from Chapters Indigo.
I loved that book - it was recommended on the CBC's 'Canada Reads' and I got it out of the library! I was just visiting my sister and she loaned me two books: John Irving, 'A Widow for One Year' and Nicole Krauss 'History of Love'. Schnarfed (is that a word?) them both right down (she loved 'History of Love', I thought it was ok but I loved 'A Widow for One Year'...hadn't read John Irving for many years but I am totally back as a major fan!).

Was back on the CBC 'Canada Reads' and the author of 'Book of Negroes' (which I have my name on the waiting list at the library - 68 people before me...) recommended 'Fabrizio’s Return' by Mark Frutkin from Ottawa - half way through and highly recommend it!

Would love more suggestions......fast reader!
I just finished Hood, by Stephen Lawhead, and can't wait to read the second part Scarlet. Tuck is the last of the series, and it's not in my library system yet. I love Hood! It's a retelling and a twist on the Robin Hood legend. Even though Lawhead doesn't know a thing about horses, I'm always up for a tale set in the Middle Ages.
I recently read Crow Lake, which is fabulous and really enjoyed and another great one that I highly reccomend is My Sister's Keeper- very touching and well written. And if anyone is a nurse they might enjoy Tilda Shalof's book The Making of Nurse which I really enjoyed. Currently most of my reading is school related such as community health nursing and various articles, so not much fun. I do plan to start on the Twilight series though in the near future.
I really enjoyed Crow Lake as well and I couldn't put down My Sister's Keeper, the first Jodi Picoult novel I read - now I want to read them all (although didn't you think the ending was a bit disappointing?).

I have heard once you start the Twilight series (which I also have have on my 'to read' list), you better not plan to do much else......
I'm back from my trip to Sarajevo in Bosnia Hercegovina ... what an eye opener! Suddenly the problems and challenges I face here amount to nothing when I see what people have been living with there since the 1992-1995 conflict. I know it's all relative ... but there's nothing quite like a little perspective. In light of my trip, I purhased a book called "Bosnia ... A Short History" by Noel Malcolm. It's totally factual and I picked it up so I could get a better understanding of the history of the region and why there was a war there in the 90s in the first place. Conflict has been a constant theme in Bosnia for centuries!!! I will read "The Cellist of Sarajevo" again now that I've been there and met some of the people. It's a beautiful country and the people I encountered were spirited and wonderful ... I'm so glad I went!
I'm reading The Faraway Horses by Buck Brannaman. It's pretty much an autobiography with some really good insight and tips on having a better relationship with your horse. I'm really enjoying it.

I'm also reading The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks. I'm a huge fan of his and anything he writes is pretty brilliant. But I'm biased
hello all,
I have been reading A New Earth as well, but also enjoyed "Sea Bisquit". It is a true story about a race horse and the lives of those who come to love him.

I found the DVD not too long ago and it was very well done, loved it.

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Have read the Twilight series, and they were excellent, well written and each book seems better, highly recommend them. But warning... starting them will mean an exclusion of other things; once hooked you will not want to put them down,


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