I bought this saddle for $10. I was told that it is an all around saddle but i'm not sure help me please.

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It is a jumping saddle.

I think I see the edge of a nameplate under the left jockey (that little flap of leather that goes over the buckle of the stirrup leather.  This should tell you the name of the company that made it and which country it was made in.

BE SURE to check the girth billets out!!!  Check the tree too, a broken tree can make the horse super miserable and uncooperative.  It would be a good ideal to spend a little money and if you have a tack store/saddler around get them to see if everything is in good order and that the saddle is ridable. 

Thank you so much it's a blue ridge brand

I looked up Blue Ridge Saddles on the web, and finally found out they were made in Pakistan, look to see if it has a country of origin anywhere, usually this is on the name plate or on the left billet guard (which covers the girth buckles.)

The leather is not going to be anywhere as good as an European saddle.  Look for cracks in the leather that touches the horse's back.  BE SURE TO CHECK THE BILLETS, both the straps and where they are stiched into webbing up at the top.  Check to make sure the stirrup bars are solidly attached.  Hold the cantle of the saddle on your hip with your hand holding the pommel, pull on the pommel, if there is any movement or creaks or squeaks the tree would be bad and the saddle unusable.  I REALLY recommend getting the saddle looked over by a saddle professional, one that can do English saddle repair.

I love how the saddle looks (from a distance), if the saddle checks out as safe I personally would not hesitate to try it out.  I would even invest in minor repairs (replacing a billet strap).  It is a Stubben Siegfried clone, made to look like a Siegfried but with worse leather, stitching, and probably a weaker tree.  Still, for $10.00?  If ridable it is a steal, just don't expect it to last forever and if the horse you use it on suddenly gets antsy consider that the saddle may have failed and get a saddler to check it out.

thanks so much for your help

I looked closely at your mare's picture.  Be careful with this saddle around her withers.  Until her back muscles develop you may have to use padding to make sure the pommel of the saddle does not rest on her withers when you are in the saddle.  That is if the saddle fits her at all.  Be sure not to put the saddle too far forward, I always sort of jiggle the saddle gently from side to side (about a half an inch) until it comes to rest and does not move back any more before I girth up.

which one? I have two horses on here

The chestnut in your avatar photo.  Which photo shows your other horse?

if you go on to my page and look at my photos there is a black one that's my porter horse

Why was it so cheap? Is the tree broken? This looks like a rather forward-cut general purpose saddle. it would be fine for show jumping. The pigskin rolls are meant to stop you from sliding about when you're jumping and your stirrups are short. I used to consider this a bit too forward-cut for hacking but where I ride most of the saddles are like this.

I don't know why it was so cheap.  No the tree is not broken and I was selling it around that time that's why they were so short.

Please be careful with this saddle. In the UK we'd call it a GP (general purpose) as it is not forward cut enough to be a jumping saddle nor straight enough to be a dressage saddle!! :)  Saddles made in Pakistan are not generally recommended. There are a few exceptions. I do not think this is one of them. Check the tree thoroughly. It may not be broken but they are very often crooked. Check how it is put together - I've heard of some which are held together with tacks and both horse and rider get a nasty shock/injury or both if a tack comes loose and digs into the poor horse. There is rarely any saddle which is cheap and satisfactory. I hope it is OK but  please be careful. Jackie Cochran gives good advice. P.S. I HATE riding in Stubben saddles!! 

ok thanks so much for that information  Elizabeth Scott


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