I am new to the group, recently turned 40 so was excited to see this group.


I have ridden all my life, always had horses. Family very horse oriented. Even when I was at college, the only I time I did not have a horse of my own, I worked at an equestrian center.  I do well with hot, difficult horses. In fact I enjoy them thus my newest jumper I got after he had been off the track for just 4 months.  We are learning a lot together and I love his energy although his brain can freeze up just before a show but we are learning what to do before we go into that jumper ring!


With that said, I also have my draft cross that I started riding last year.  I must say that she is a completely different personality.  Not much go, no forward.  Rather, would prefer to ignore my requests for forward, until the cat walks past the arena, then she is more that willing to have some go-go in the opposite direction.


What I am finding now is that I really do not want to ride the horses with no forward or who sort of care less about the job at hand. That just does not do it for me.  I prefer go-go and have to ask to slow, rather than this ' Do you really want me to move' attitude.  If it was 10 years ago,  I would have kept up the fight to get drafty mare to improve but today, just do not feel like making the effort when I have 3 other horses that have plenty of go and want to do something.  The drafty mare was a rescue (PMU foal) and she is lots of fun to do ground work with.  Very responsive then but a cow to ride.  Thus just do not want to ride her ( no worries, she has a long term home even if we never make it to the dressage ring).


Have others reached this point as you have become older and wiser?  Perfer ride the ones who are willing to learn even if they have explosive and overly joyful moments, rather that constantly push the horse that would rather stay in the barn? 



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Yes, I am the same. I started off with an Anglo-Arab, and had mostly Arabs. It isn't just the get up and go, but the whole personality thing, the willingness to learn, and the willingness to look upon riding as a form of play, while behaving all during the ride. Of course with my MS I am not riding fast anymore, or jumping, but I feel so fortunate to be riding an Arab mare, and when I get more stable I might be able to ride a TB someday again (one with sanity, they exist.)
Of course when I get older I might prefer the quieter ones, but right now, give me an Arab or some TB's.
You might have more fun with your drafty mare if you drove her. She might be trying to tell you that she really isn't a riding horse.
Could be that she wants to try driving, again. I started teaching her ground driving 3 years ago when she was 3. Specifically because my supportive but non-horsey husband was thinking driving could be fun. He then became busy with other projects. I do have a buggy but it is 2 wheel, horse size. I hooked her once to it and she barely fit. Plus her butt is too close for comfort when in buggy.

So I took her back to riding. I may re-visit buggy horse but I need a bigger cart. Probably one of the Amish style where you sit up higher. I hear that until the horse is comfortable with driving, you should not put them in a 4 wheel cart. Anyone know if that is true?
I am also new to the group Kathy.
Not sure how this works but I suppose we are sharing thoughts.
I think I agree with you. I live in Argentina and ride as a hobby which has now turned into a wonderful way of earning a living. I organize riding holidays, we go out for a whole day riding in different places, following trails or just making our own across magnificent Patagonia.
My horse is a bit of a personallity, he is a big paint, a bit of a gulumper, he has character, hates to ride alone, he will go bonkers if the rest of the group go ahead and he is left behind, rearing, neighing and all sort of business. Now when you ask him to go in front he drags his feet, in the middle he is delighted and at the back he is fun. If by chance I ride out all alone, he will start off slow but then as the day goes along he becomes much happier.
Nevertheless, I would really like to find a new horse, something with a different temperament and probably not so tall. Often on a ride I have to get on and off many times and it is hard to climb all the way up.
My retired jumper mare, I use for trails now. She is a super hot, super sensitive horse when jumping but an absolute joy on the trail. She is never lazy, never unwilling. I really think she likes trails. I can take her anywhere, alone or with others. She does prefer the lead and she really keeps everyone moving at a nice steady pace.
My dressage gelding, different story. He is not like my drafty mare in that he is responsive and does have a good forward button but if you come to a hill, he will stop, look around at his various options and try to convince you that we should go another way! So I do not him trail riding much.
I have a tall paint (well actually Im short) as well at home ,my first horse, wish he was shorter of course, but he has lots of personality. He will do anything and go anywhere if I ask, after we get past the ...are u sure u can ride me today ? stage, used to freak me out, but now its just more personality. Ive had to climb trees, bales , fences ect to get on his back .Ive learned more on him in 2 yrs than I ever would on my second horse who is dead calm. u have to really get on him to trot, and is kinda backwards actually in any work situation, even ground work. Its way more fun with my paint!
Me too - I learn much more on the horse who wants to go and work. I also learn what bad habits I have at times( for Jumping!) since the hotter horse is much more quick to respond to bad riding, in a negative way! Does make you a better rider.
Hi, Kath:

I think it's a little like choosing a partner, or a friend. It works best if you choose what complements you and your approach to life. Some of us need the thrills and adrenalin, and some of us need comfort and stability....I think too that those needs can change through the course of a career, or a lifetime, so what you wanted/needed at one time becomes something quite different at another time.
I agree with Jan. As I get older and look back on the goals and asperations I had when I was 40 I find that most have them have been reached and now I am making new goals and plans as I move into my 60's. They still include horses but maybe not as much as they used to, possibly leasing out of my horses have been considered. I find that I can control who my horses go to whether I sell them or lease them and fee comfortable about it. To me it is like doors closing and new ones opening.

I have always prefered the tougher horse, first because I just plain like the challenge and have a knack with the rough dangerous or nervous abused horses, and secondly becuase I have never been anything but poor and often you can by tallented horses that have 'issues' for cheap-- this applies to the ridding horses I have had and to my race horses. We got a rep for taking race horses that were close to being banned for being bad actors and making them into reliable race horses that anyone can work with-- same with the abused ''crazy'' horses that get the underseved rep for being 'nuts' when they are just reacting to a bad lot in life. I took and take great pride in helping horses-- and actually paying the bills at the same time. But I never take for granted the quiet sensible horses either... I remember at one time we had 8 horses all racing (and riding for fun I might add)-- and only one was nice and easy to work with... people all used to joke that we must get boared with her! Never-- she was a joy.

But like you Kathy I love horses with get up and go-- riding or racing! I get super annoyed with what the race world calls 'non-triers'... or horses with no or little forward momentum... I want to feel like we are both on the same page. Right now I have two horses, one is absoultly dangerous in ways, and other than my family he can be a demon to work with... we let no one but us near him with good reason... and we just bought a second horse that is an absolute dream to be around.. I love the both, but the rough horse (Che) for me is my forever horse just becuase he is such a challenge, is aboslutly fearless and will face anyone or thing on the planet... I cant wait until we start jumping... he has no spook button!

Anyway, loved your topic.

take care. deb
Hi Deb

yes, the 'Lets go ' horses are fun and I really enjoy the ex-racers. My OTTB raced for 2 years and then a lady who barrel races took him in when she was contacted by a friend at the track who said he was going to auction. She had him advertised him online, He was under $1000 and described as needing an advanced rider. She had him for 5 months and said that he does not like cows and runs away with people. I went to see him, was not really sure if he was what I wanted, then he walked over to me and planted his head on my chest. He knew a sucker when he saw one. So I brought him home and he was very quite for the first week. No silly behavior, no bolting, nothing. I was a bit stunned due to what I was told about his history.

A clinician that I ride with a few times a year was in town so I took him and then I figured out what the previous owner was talking about. Basically, he was very, very green. I asked him to stop and stand by the clincian so we could chat and that ended up with me and OTTB spinning in a circle for about 60 seconds. Clinician did say I have great balance! I did not react, just rode the tantrum out and then he stopped, seemed to wait for me to do something bad but when nothing happened, he calmly went back to work for me and was quick to learn leg yield, trot poles, etc. It is a year later and he can be quite a fire-ball when he stops thinking. But last night, he did the best he has ever done jumping a course. Usually he gets hotter and hotter during the course, but he stayed quiet and consistant the whole time although still had energy. It was nice but I know that he will give me a 'moment' at anytime, I just have learned how to deal with such moments! And I still rather ride this type of horse than the very quite, bomb proof packer. I occasionally ride a schooling horse when I need to really work on me and after about 20 minutes, I want my OTTB back!

Although i will pretty much ride anything iv noticed i have gotten wiser and i suppose calmer in myself.......i dont mean old and boring though...........when i was young i would ride the nutters the speed freaks ,the unschooled,the ones one step away from the meat man because they were miss understood or previously miss treated,..........i think you all know what im saying ..

when i rode for many years it had to be fast ,slow,or both  ........schooled or unschooled i would ride and work with them all.

i had fun and brought up some amazing horses which i wish i could clone today.

however as iv grown a little older iv noticed although iv still got my nerve and gusto..i do prefere to ride an active horse but a safer horse .one thats not going to rear or do handstands at the wrong moment .......i prefere very forward going but saying that i dont at all mind to ride the ones that plod along like tomorrow will do ...i much prefere to see where i am riding and look at the countryside these days unlike when i was a little younger and i only ever saw it in a flash whilst charging past .........iv had horses for near on 30 years and ridden the same places 30 yrs and the past few yrs iv found myself saying.ooo i never saw that b4 or as that always been there?...i guess at different parts of life u appreate different things and it doesnt make you less of a horsewoman/man ...it just means you have changed ......im only just 40 and because i rode these nutty horses when i was younger  iv been on the deck many times which is fine .........................until you get older and then you realise things start to hurt from way back when you were young...........i have a really tight hip joint and putting my leg forward over the saddleflaps to tighten the girth ( english saddle)is almost impossible to do now which frustrates me no end as im only 40 not 95 !! and my mind cant seem to accept this . but we must realise these things happen .....to the lucky few its not untill they are older but to the unlucky its around 40s ...........i  think young and i ride young,........until i get home and pay the price with a hot bubble bath and  a tube of deep heat for the joints lol.....



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