I am wondering who here will be showing this season. What are your goals? When is your first show?
Hopefully we'll have lots of successes among our group!

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My season has already started because it gets so hot in AZ in the summer so we can only show at the very beginning and end of the year! I've been to 3 shows already and have been very happy with the results. I am trying once again to make it onto the Region 5 Junior team with my horse Verdicci so we can compete at the North American Junior/Young Rider Championships. We have a 66% average so far. Our next show is April 3-4 and we will be performing our freestyle! I really feel like this year we have been able to perform more like we do at home and we have improved overall from last year. I have been having so much fun and can't wait to finish up the rest of the season! Our last show will probably the Del Mar National at the end of April. After that we'll just wait and see if we make the team. After some training this summer we'll also be able to determine if we can try out for Young Riders for the 2011 Championships. I'm ready for another great year!!! :)
Well I was HOPING to start mid May with both horses showing PSG....
well here in new zealand, our show season is slowing down for autumn. looking ahead to next year now. but we did get almost 71% in a level 1 test last weekend, so i think we made excellent progress this year.


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