If you could have a horse what breed and coat colour would you like? I would like to own a chestnut thoroughbred mare.

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I would want a dapple grey connemara mare!! Even though Connemara's are expensive!!
ironic but i used to ride a grey connemara (see my profile pic) he's called casino and i love him sooo much! and now i ride a chestnut thoroughbred called buster!!! i want a black or grey andalusian gelding, because andalusians are soooo beautiful, or an australian stock horse because i love their temperament
Cool! I have never hear of a horse called Casino though!
I would want either a black Canadian or a dun Norwegian Fjord. Not that they have many other options for colors, haha.
Gypsy Vanner, black and white.
Ok I change mine since April lol. I would still like to own a tb only a bay, brown, or black. Or a bay blanket appaloosa.
If I could have a horse I would want a Piebald Gypsy Cob (check out the group I made for more info)... but I really don't care about the color! It's the horse that counts right? = )
Hmmm...Maybe a Chestnut Hanoverian...or any Horse that likes jumping...and can jump big!
A pitch black Arabian stallion with no markings or the same thing for a Thoroughbred.
I would like a standardbred or standard bred cross. I would also like a draft cross,appolosa cross, or arabian. Personaly I prefer chesnut coats or lighter color coats(white, dapple grey or palomino). None of this dark bay stuff for me! Only problem is, most lighter color horses arn't pretty in pink.
Lol, I changed mine. At the moment my dream horse is a bay australian stock horse or a thoroughbred, with a big star and socks on its hind legs, 15-16hh, mare or gelding. :) And I'd use the colour purple for it.
id want a black friesian stallion or mare


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