Hey everyone. I'm currently making a freestyle because I'm hoping to qualify for the North American Junior Young Rider Championships. I kind of want to do an oldies theme, maybe from the 60's or 70's. I did that for my last freestyle on a different horse and it turned out really cute. The songs I like so far are "There She Goes" for the walk, "This Will Be" for the trot, and "Do You Believe in Magic?" for the canter. If you know these songs what do you think?

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Well, I love your canter music! That's a great light happy song. Which artists sing your walk and trot music? I know the song "There She goes" but am unfamilliar with "This Will Be" and can't seem to find the latter on youtube....
You've got really creative musice ideas though! Way to go. Now, will you be doing instrumental or vocal music?
Thanks! Natalie Cole sings "This Will Be". I think I want to do instrumental for a more classic version but I might keep some back up vocals or something.
I like all of them, I really like them, great choosing!!!

Hey just a totally different question. With what program do you work because I need to make one to lol
I picked out my own music and did my own choreography and then I hired a company called Luna Tunes to put it together. The website is www.lunatunesfreestyles.com. Good luck!
My husband has really enjoyed this one particular band for a long time. They always have a few songs on their albums that are "instrumental". If you want to try out something different, check out VNV Nation! I'm using their music for my freestyle this year. It should really get the crowd into it. :D
thanks! I'll definitely look into it. I'm making a new one this year and am currently performing the daunting task of choosing new music! haha
Two years ago I used some music from the soundtrack to Monsters Inc. and Roxio Media Creator to put the pieces together. The trot music got me started as I was humming it one day while waiting for the bus and realized it had the perfect trot rhythm for my horse. Unfortunately (for the freestyle) he made some big advances in his training over that summer and his rhythm changed, slowing just enough to be noticable. I'll have to retime the music or find some new music before we do the freestyle class again.

I love freestyles - so much fun to ride!
yes they are! I think I've finally started to get used to really riding with the music and getting my timing down. I used to either ride well but get a little lost in the music or I would keep a good rythm with the music but not ride as well as I could. It's definitely an art! But like they say, practice makes perfect! :)


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