Raven is about to have her 2nd foal.  She is a bit ahead of her due date....but has a FULL bag and is in v-shape..she won't give us anything to test...yet.  But soon......so......     The person that guesses the closest to the correct date and time (Eastern Standard Time) will receive a $50 Visa Gift Card from Mare Stare, LLC.  A gift will be given to the first person to guess the correct date as well...even if it's not the correct time.

     If you also guess the correct gender you will win an additional prize and the gender may be used as a tie breaker.  It's okay if the time she foals is past the time you pick as long as you are still the closest.

     All guesses must be made at least 2 hours prior to the time the high alert is hit (foaling).  We can't let you guess after she starts pushing...that just wouldn't be fair would it? 

     If you would like to enter please post the following information:

  • Date you think she will foal
  • Time you think she will foal - remember Eastern Standard Time please
  • Gender of baby
  • Feel free to put in your guess for color too. Not sure if it will matter, but who knows.  Daddy is Palomino, Dam is Black.

     Hopefully this makes sense.  I will contact the winner for their address so, please don't post it here.

     Thank you for joining us in the barn and Happy Guessing!!

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Hmm...Raven when will this little foal be born...hmmm

My guess, 4/1/2013 @ 3:37am, Filly, Black with lots of white...

Ok I'm in so Raven foaling 4/2 1:30 am filly :)

My guess for Raven seems to have disappeared so I will repost. It was March 31 at 3:00 PM for a filly dark chocolate brown.

I'm guessing a black filly, April 4 at 11pm.

I am guessing, 3-2-13 at 4;50 a.m., black colt.

doesn't look like we are having an Easter baby so I'm guessing April 1 at 3:00 PM and a filly that is dark chocolate brown..

Looks like 3PM has come and gone so I will change that to April 1 at !030PM a dark brown filly.

My guess has come and gone, so new guess... 4/4/2013 @ 2:47am, Filly, light brown, with white..

Ok another guess for me...4/3 @ 1:00 am filly

That guess expired too so I'll say April 2 at 5:05 PM a dark brown filly with a light colored mane.


Revision April 3 at 5:00 AM Filly dark brown with a lighter tail and main.


Revising my guess for Raven to 4/3/13 @ 3:45 a.m. black clot!


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