How about a contest for when Eve will foal?  Winner can pick something out of the Mare Stare online store.

List your forum name then

Pick a date

Pick a time - This will be actual time of foaling in the Eastern Time Zone

Guess the gender (sex) of the foal.   This will be the tie breaker in most cases.

She will be 320 days on 2/16.   Last year she foaled at 321.  The year before she foaled at 320 days.


Here's a link to her calendar of guesses Eve's Guesses


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I'm just going to say:

14 February 2012
3:30 AM

Only because I prefer that date and gender ;)

2/14  2:14AM Filly

Name:  Mulligan's Run Dream Date

Barn name: DeeDee

Great idea, Heather!

My vote won't count, but I'll guess anyway. Feb 14 at 11p.m. EST.

You need to put a gender :)  And sure your vote counts.  We can't "make" her foal LOL

I'll say 2/15 at 4:26am Filly

I'm going to say:

 - Feb 15/12

 - 1:46 am

 - colt



I will say 16th of February 11:30 AM and a colt

I'm thinking it will be today, February 12, 2012


little colt

WINNER!! Right on date! Right on gender! So close on actual time! Wow!

Pick what you want from the store. Send the info to me at Congrats! is my guess. Filly born on 2/16 at 2:12 am

Stephanie Scotton




Oops wrong spot


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