I know this isn't a new documentary, but I have recently viewed it on you tube;  I really like some of the ideas in the piece that go farther than natural horsemanship theories on how to make a real connection with your horse; putting the animal first and considering the well being of the horse in all things really resonates with me;  it makes me feel okay about enjoying the groundwork I like to do with my horses, when I sometimes feel that others don't understand why I'm not riding more (some of the people in the documentary go so far as to say they have given up riding entirely, because there is no benefit to the horse in it - not sure about that one, yet);  it's a great way to work on improving your own outlook on the world, too.  Just wondering if anyone else here has seen it and what your thoughts are? There's always something new to learn and to think about when it comes to our precious horses and isn't that what makes it so much fun?

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