How about those over 70 and still riding. I hope to ride as long as I can still climb on. I hope never to have to give up having a horse or two.

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Yo to that! I am about to be 65 and have those hopes but one horse is enough for me! Costs and time and I expect to enjoy freedom 85. Where are you from Patricia and what type of horse do you ride and type of riding? Gail.
I am in my 60's but I too can't imagine not riding but I'm sure there may be a time when it becomes difficult due to health for some people.

If this happens to me I hope I will at least be able to retain contact with horses and riders, perhaps help out, groom someone's horse for them, turn them out, help out at shows in a small way, etc.

In Britain it's more the practise to go out hacking more locally for an hour or two, or to go to shows, eventing, endurance riding etc just for the day or week-end. Riding holidays taking your own horse tend to be limited to going to a specific place or going on a pre-planned journey where accomodation for horse and rider is prebooked mainly due to our laws and lack of facilities to do otherwise. It sound like you have so much more fun and pleasure in Canada and America.
I live in Northern Maine. My main focus has been dressage. Right now I have an Appendix QH and an old guy in his 30s. I ride in an indoor in the winter so I keep riding all year.
I am with you there Patricia. I can't imagine not having a horse on the place, or not being able to go out there, slap a saddle on the horse and ride out for at least a short ride in the back 50. I hate the thought of not being able to load up, and head out for a week or two of camping and riding. If I am anything like my mother who is 92 I will be still driving as well. She gets out there and runs the roads just like the rest of us. Ha Ha...No I am not 70 yet but I can hear the distant threat of it coming on. lol
I'm with you! Age is a state of mind. I heard someone say the key is not to be 70 years old but to be 70 years young. I cannot imagine life without horses, even when I can no longer ride.
I'm not 70 yet, but like Eileen said can feel it coming on. My husband has CPD, specifically the beginning signs of emphizema, this is a very debilitating disease that his father died of, both smoked at an early age and never quit. My hubby has quit but the threat is there none the less, which means I will definitely need to give up some of my 6 morgans since we won't be able to afford to keep them and it will be touch and go if I can even keep 2 or 3, but we shall see. I can't imagine going through what my mother in law went through without having my equine friends out in the yard to help with the stress load. She died before he did from the huge work load of looking after someone terminal and living in poverty.
Hi all--I live in Northern Massachusetts and I started riding again at 50 ( after 37 years away from it). I am now 62 and just got to Beginner Novice in Eventing. That is as far as I intentd to go but we would like to do it well. So great to hear from other "older" riders. Truth is, age doesn't mean much--it's the spirit that counts. So let's go for it! Blessings to you all, Shipley
Hi All,
I just started riding in my early 50's, but got hooked immediately! Always wanted to - but with time , no money and then with money-no time! Now I've acquired 5 horses/ponies and can't imagine life without them. Actually only have 3 at the stable, the others are free leased to a friend.
Its hard to learn when the old bod is not as flexible, but love and enthusiasm balance it out!!!

How great is that Dianne. THank you for responding.I dream of having my horse on my property as soon as I retire from full time ministry. I know what you mean about the money/time thing--always making balance. I feel like I am always rushing to get my ride in and I think horses like you to go a lot slower. I would like to do more "natural horsemanship" but it takes " time" --my affirmation--there is more than enought time. Where are you located? Peace, Shipley
Perhaps you need to join the over 60's group.  It is still trucking along and current.
This may or may not have to do with being older--but would someone please tell me how to upload a photo for my profile page--thank you, Shipley Allinson
I have the same question and still have no idea how!


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